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Volunteerism, Revamped

Never volunteered before? Don't have time? Think some of the opps presented to you don't sound that stimulating? Completely overwhelmed by the thought of it? Check out five new ways to give back this National Volunteer Week (April 10-16!). Plus, share what organizations you're involved with and we'll give them a shout-out! -Lynden Halpern Catchafire - We introduced you to founder ... CONTINUE READING 11

Donating to Nest is Delicious

I know you’re still deleting an infinite amount of “can’t-miss deals” from your email inbox after the holiday crunch, but Nest is dishing out an offer you really can’t pass on…and you’ll be helping other women as soon as you purchase. Simply donate a mere $25 (or more!) to Nest before January 1 and receive a $25 gift card courtesy... CONTINUE READING 5

FITE for a Good Cause

No, I didn’t just spell fight wrong. And no, it’s no coincidence the two words sound the same. FITE is an initiative started by beauty innovators Dermalogica and nonprofit microloan provider, and it's actually an acronym that stands for Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship. So, why the homophone? Together, Dermalogica and Kiva are working to fight against poverty, fight against discrimination... CONTINUE READING 8


Spark is an organization (by women and for women!) that’s just branching out from the West Coast nest where it started in San Francisco and carving a brand-new niche in NYC (viva Women’s Small Business Month!). This not-for-profit brings ideas and funds to women all over the world in an effort to make real change in real women’s lives. The coolest... CONTINUE READING 15