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Nicole Williams: The Most Relatable Career Chick We Know!

If there's anything we love more than a go-getting woman here at Shecky's, it's a go-getting woman who's also authentic. So, what makes Nicole Williams, founder of WORKS by Nicole Williams (!), author of three best-selling books (the latest: Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success), Shape magazine's career contributor, LinkedIn's Connection director, new mom... CONTINUE READING 14

9 Tricks to Getting Up Early

Some of us are night owls. Others, early birds. Apparently, based on your chronotype, you will be more naturally alert earlier or later in the day. And your type may dictate when and for how long you sleep. But while a natural variance in sleep patterns is natural, it appears that the early bird is indeed the more coveted of the species. We’ve... CONTINUE READING 23

7 Ways to Get Your Boss’ Attention

And we mean in a good way (not by downing martinis at the work soiree and busting out your Britney impression). Julia Payne, director of Incisive Edge, a business growth consultancy firm for multimillion-dollar blue-chip companies, reveals what never fails to catch even the toughest manager’s eye. Put your words into action. “It’s a misconception that the person who ‘talks the talk’... CONTINUE READING 2

10 Steps to a Raise

We’ve got a whole bag of tricks up our sleeves that will help you earn the ultimate treat—a raise. Unfortunately, monetary treats are a little harder to come by than knocking on your boss’ door, holding out your candy container, and asking him to smell your feet. If you want a raise, you’ve got to earn it. These 10 tricks can... CONTINUE READING 6

Decoding Job Descriptions

“Lots of growth opportunity.” This phrase is a favorite among start-up companies with big dreams and small budgets. What they often don’t tell you is that they expect you to work for minimal pay in exchange for the “opportunity” to toil away on weekends and maybe exercise your stock options if the company finally goes public (most don’t). Before you... CONTINUE READING 5

5 Things Never to Say to Your Boss

1. “So-and-so thinks you come on too strong, but I disagree.” Even though you appear to be supporting your boss, you’re really giving her a backhanded compliment while ratting out a coworker. You will not endear yourself to your boss (or your coworkers) this way. If she asks what “so-and-so” thinks, tell her you don’t know, even if you’ve picked up... CONTINUE READING 4

Reinvent Your Resume

Include a profile or summary statement. A two to three sentence sales-y statement at the top of a résumé gives your reader an overview of the skills and experience you’ve listed beneath it. Think of it as a more sophisticated version of an objective. Since most people don’t spend a lot of time reading a résumé (and you can never... CONTINUE READING 4

How to Make a Budget

Figure out your income. First, the easy part: Take a look at how much you rake in each month. Look at your paycheck or checking account statement. Add in any extra cash you bring in. And congratulate yourself—you work hard for that moolah! Track expenses. Now the hard part: figuring out where it all goes. Each month, you probably spend part... CONTINUE READING 3

8 Things You Should Delegate

1. Hiring. Really? Okay, consider this: If your colleague needs an assistant, who’s going to know exactly the caliber required and make an effort to hire the very best? Yup, the person who’s going to be relying on this new employee daily. 2. Supervising others. “Employees really grow into their roles, and loyalty is promoted when they have to assume responsibility for... CONTINUE READING 5