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Get Your Geek On: Hollywood’s Most Adorkable Actors

With Comic Con kicking off today and Embrace Your Geekness Day dawning on us tomorrow, we've got geeks on the mind, and luckily, Hollywood's chock full of drool-worthy nerds. No ladies, that is not an oxymoron. Those bespectacled poindexters you remember playing Dungeons and Dragons in the cafeteria in high school have been replaced by some serious hotties who, though, yes,... CONTINUE READING 12

Digital Getdown: Find Your Next Romance Online

Remember when the ball dropped in January and you made that New Year's resolution to find a significant other? If you've spent the past five months running through potential boyfriends without a trace of luck, then you should try a different approach--say, online dating? In honor of National Recommitment Month, I present ten dating sites to help you recommit to... CONTINUE READING 9

Break Up With These Bad Fashion Fads

Fashion smashion—some get it wrong and some get it so wrong, even celebrities! Not only do they make questionable style choices, but they also brainwash each other into believing that something hideous like a trucker hat is the best invention since sliced bread (we’re looking at you Ashton!), and in a matter of seconds, a fashion misstep goes from a... CONTINUE READING 32

10 Guys To Bed Before You Wed

Look, the days of holding out for marriage are long gone and as the average age of brides gets older and older, what’s a single ladies to do while she waits for that wedding ring? Forget her desires? Pretend men don’t exit? Psh, please. You don’t commit to a great pair of heels until you’ve tried on a bunch of... CONTINUE READING 14

5 Really Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Yikes! Halloween is Monday, but I'm sure you're getting some serious partying in this weekend. If you’ve been too busy to get a costume (or just got invited to yet ANOTHER celebration and the one you wore last night won't do), fear not! Here are some last-minute ideas that can be easily put together with stuff you have, before you... CONTINUE READING 9

Great Geek-Chic Picks

Luckily we aren’t in high school anymore, because what was once something that got you made fun of is one of the hottest trends around—geek-chic. The lovable nerdy look seems to be a favorite of fashion-forward celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Chloe Sevigny, and these famous faces are sporting the trend regularly with their oversized thick-framed glasses which seem to... CONTINUE READING 5


Halloween is rapidly approaching, but fear not if you haven’t picked out a costume yet—you can recreate this season’s hottest costumes with things you probably already own! Minimal shopping, maximum creativity required. -Lynden Halpern Any chick from Jersey Shore No Jersey chica is ever without pin straight hair, so break out the flat iron (or the extensions a la Sammi Sweetheart), put on... CONTINUE READING 14


In a month filled with baseball playoffs, football and the start of hockey, our Shecky’s Staffer contemplates on something a little mystifying to her: Why is it sooo sexy when guys play sports? Personally, she’s not feeling the baseball babes ‘cause she’d rather watch studly men play action-packed, brutally barbaric sports. See her reasons, share your sports crushes, and tell... CONTINUE READING 35

Nerds We Love!
May 20, 2010

What is it about geeks that just makes us melt? Is it their suspenders, their taped-together ? Or maybe it’s their killer dance moves, their extreme intelligence? Whatever it is, we have a soft spot for their high-pitched voices and their undying dedication to the unattainable women they lust after. We've compiled a list of our fave geeky-guys. Check out these dweeby... CONTINUE READING 7