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Pull Your Hair Into Pretty Beach-Ready Ponytails

Ponytails are so easy and fun for summer—messy or sleek, high or low, to the back or the side, you mix and match styles to create your own unique look! You can even spruce up a plain pony with flowers or a fun fabric headband. An amped-up pony is the perfect 'do to beat heat-induced frizz and flyaways this summer,... CONTINUE READING 10

Hair Like Our Fave March Magazine Covers

Wish you could look like those done-up, perfectly coiffed celebs you see on magazine covers? Now you can. You, yes even you drooling at that Adele picture, standing in the supermarket line in a sloppy topknot and sweatpants, can achieve celeb-status strands. Here's the easy advice from a pro! Rebecca is rocking undone sexy waves, and you can achieve this spring/summer... CONTINUE READING 8

Parting Ways: Get the Best Part for Your Face

Who knew something as simple as where you part your hair could totally change your look? Well, it's true and we've got tips from the pros on which types of parts look best on which face shapes! Part-on us for making you look your prettiest.... The DEEP SIDE The deep side part goes a long way on style and sex appeal.... CONTINUE READING 14

Snag Fab Oscars Hair at Home

The Oscars are the biggest night in Hollywood! While we can't actually snag our own little gold statues, sit next to Brad Pitt or wear Angelina's dress, we can copycat the hairdos celebs sported. Natasha Sunshine of Byu-Ti Salon in Los Angeles has easy-to-do tips! Best Ponytail(s): Gwyneth Paltrow & Sandra Bullock It was a tough call between Gwyneth Paltrow and Sandra... CONTINUE READING 5

DIY Grammy Beauty Tips from Pros

Before the awards show even began, we knew who won big at the Grammys—for best hair, that is. Get the looks from the 2012 red carpet with step-by-step instructions from celebrity hairstylists Sura Radcliffe and Andi Scarbrough. BEST CURLS: Kelly Rowland SURA RADCLIFFE SAYS: Kelly’s hair was absolutely on point. What I loved were the various textures, the sleek, slicked-back style with a... CONTINUE READING 4

How-tos for Best Golden Globe Hairdos

Awards shows always garner "oohs" and "aahs" from picture-perfect dresses, but what about the hairdos that celebs sport? We think these ladies deserve a trophy for their marvelous manes. Best part is, celeb stylist Natasha Sunshine has the scoop with how-tos to get the looks at home! Best: Updo Maria Menounos gave a beautifully modern spin to a classic—the updo. To get the look,... CONTINUE READING 17

Tips for Winterizing Your Hair

Static cling, dull finish, split ends and breakage are all signs that your hair is suffering the effects of Old Man Winter. While moisture is important all year round, it's especially key during the winter months. Don't just take our word for it, though. We’ve consulted three celebrity stylists to gets tips and product recommendations in order to keep your... CONTINUE READING 7


Wish you could get the glam hairstyles celebs wore this year (without enlisting the stylist army that goes along with 'em)? Stylist to the stars Natasha Sunshine to the rescue with the best six celeb-rocked 'dos of the year, just in time for your big New Year's Eve bash! You're welcome. 1. Undone Waves: Everywhere we looked on the red carpet,... CONTINUE READING 16

Quick Holiday Hair You Can "Do" at Home

Holiday parties call for great hair, but who has the time (or the money?!) to hit the salon every weekend for great strands? Stylist to the stars, Natasha Sunshine, weighs in on quick holiday looks you can, er, "do" at home! The High Bun Chignon is all the rage this year. Start with clean dry hair; straight or wavy. Pull into... CONTINUE READING 13

27 Secrets from Celeb Hair Stylists

Even though we've spent our whole lives with our strands, 24/7, sometimes we don't know them best. We recently turned to three celeb hair stylists and snagged some of their secrets to help us deal with everything from static cling to growing Rapunzel-worthy tresses. Read through for 27 (!!!) hair tidbits from the pros! 1. Use a deep conditioning masque (something... CONTINUE READING 9

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