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By Roselyn Sebastian Conventional beauty wisdom is that dark lip color should be reserved for fall and winter. This may lead you to fill your makeup bag with multiples of the same shade of bright pink and red. But if Rihanna and Beyonce can rock a plum lip in the summer, then so can we. To make sure that you don’t... CONTINUE READING 5


By Roselyn Sebastian As far as beauty routines go, putting your lipstick on is the equivalent of putting the icing on the cupcake. The final touch that can make or break your look. Unfortunately, with more colors than Baskin Robbins flavors, it's easy to pick a shade that looks great in the tube but terrible on you. That's why we've put... CONTINUE READING 8


By Roselyn Sebastian At long last, summer has finally arrived and with it comes the opportunity to update your look. Whether you're relaxing by the pool or headed to work, this list with help make sure you don't put the "hot" in "hot mess," when the mercury rises. Blotting Paper Ashy legs and knees are not cute any time of the year but... CONTINUE READING 6


by Mallory Feeney Where’s my mascara? And my eyeshadow? Oh, crap, I think I left my lip gloss at home. Sound familiar? From the beginning of the work day to transitioning to dinner and drinks on our commute home, we’ve all felt the urge to want to touch up our makeup. But, carrying a makeup case around all the time is a... CONTINUE READING 9


by Mallory Feeney When it comes to makeup, it can be hard to figure out which look we’re “going” for, or which look will be the most complementary to us. But in a fast-paced world, we don’t always have the time to stop and peruse the makeup counters for hours on end. Luckily for us, there are several beauty styles that... CONTINUE READING 3

Accessorize the white tee and jeans look

The comfiest outfit aside from your pjs? A Fruit of the Loom white undershirt and a pair of old jeans.  You never have to think twice about this coupling. But does the look go anywhere? Of course it does, with the right accessories! Here are five ways to turn the I'm-so-chic-I-don't-care-about-dressing-up look into an I'm-so--chic-I-made-jeans-and-a-tee-look-glamorous. 1. An Electric Blue Clutch We love... CONTINUE READING 9


Mother Nature isn't messing with our heads. This weekend was proof that summer is here. And as the weather gets warmer (and increasingly grosser) we don't exactly imagine waking up every day to do a 15 product beauty routine. We wanna keep it light. That's why we've rounded up the items that will do the job of two or more... CONTINUE READING 17


With all the pop art colors and neon lips seen on some of the Spring 2013 runways, it was refreshing to notice that nude nails are back en vogue. Celebrities like Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, and Zoe Saldana have been sporting clean shades of beige, taupe, pink, and just the tips of a ‘90s French manicure. Check out our favorite... CONTINUE READING 10


Maybe you can’t afford Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior gown that she tripped up the Oscars stage in. But you can still copy her look and wear the white dress trend that she and other stars sported at the big awards shows this year. -Chastity Palmer-Davis of GlitterBuzzStyle Key styles straight from the red carpet that you can add in your wardrobe to... CONTINUE READING 3


Settling on a certain shade of blush might prove to be one of the most challenging aspects of makeup aside from picking out a foundation that matches your skin tone. Blushes can be especially tricky because one shade off can be the difference between a feminine glow and a female impersonator. We’ve scoured our beauty closet to find the perfect... CONTINUE READING 4