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Spring 2014 Nail Colors

By Megan Greene We’ve all been there: Your dress is gorgeous and compliments your figure, your hair looks absolutely lush, your show game is stunning and your makeup has never looked better. But something is off: Your nails don’t pack quite the whollop your ensemble does. With the arrival of Springtime and the impending Summer, neon bright and pastel colors are... CONTINUE READING 7


By Bianca Logrono Recently nail art has become increasingly popular and creative, expanding far beyond the standard French manicure. That’s because it’s less intimidating to make a risqué statement with your nail polish than with a pair of pants. Your style of nail, or polish choice can transform your look instantly. If you’re looking liven up your nails beds this spring,... CONTINUE READING 22


It snowed this week in New York. Kind of pretty, but memo to the weather, it’s March! Goodness gracious. Even if we can’t break out our sundresses and shorts yet, at least we can dream of warmer weather and picnics in Prospect Park with some of spring’s prettiest nail ideas. We’ve picked the right trend for all of your fashion... CONTINUE READING 18


Usually we absolutely dread when the temps start dropping and icicles start popping up anywhere and everywhere. That is, until we discovered that those pesky little frozen particles actually boast a bevy of beautifying benefits. From frozen facials to ice bath nail polish sealers, here are five ways that a little ice can go a long way in your daily... CONTINUE READING 11


The holidays are here and if you’re having trouble getting your beauty-obsessed bestie (you know, the girl that has everything) a special gift, you may want to consider creating a handmade item she’ll treasure. While we all know it’s the thought that counts, you may as well let us put all the thought into these beauty-ful DIY presents that... CONTINUE READING 4

7 Designer Collabs We're Dying Over This Fall

When high-end designers collide with budget-friendly department stores, now that is fashion harmony! Just in time for the holiday season, chic meets cheap as designers like Oscar de la Renta, Maison Martin Margiela, Narciso Rodriguez, Nicole Richie, Brian Atwood and Lela Rose join fashion forces with Target, Kohl’s, H&M, Macy’s and more. Gift your fashion-fueled friends with haute high-low pieces... CONTINUE READING 10

7 Spooky Nail Art Designs For Halloween

With only two weeks left until Halloween, you've likely been struggling with your very own Sophie's choice—i.e. deciding whether to go as pregnant Snooki or Tan Mom—but just because you're costume crazed doesn't mean you should leave your nails out of all the All Hallows Eve fun! These seven nail art designs are festively spooky and relatively easy to recreate,... CONTINUE READING 5

Makeup 911! Save Your Products After Beauty Faux-Pas

We’ve all done it before—you’re running ten minutes off schedule and shuffling through your mega-sized purse seeking your most prized possession: a limited edition bronzer you had to scour shelves for in Sephora. You finally grasp your compact only to have it slip out of your hands and slam onto the floor, leaving your heart and powder broken into itsy... CONTINUE READING 7

Five Beauty Tricks for Busy Chicks

Are you a girl on the go? Do you have a job that keeps your on your feet 24/7? Or are you busy jet-setting across the world, shopping at the most lavish boutique, sipping on the most expensive champagne while holding a meeting across seas for your upcoming fashion line? Whatever has you up and running, we’re sure these helpful... CONTINUE READING 9

5 Trendy Twists on a French Manicure

The signature French manicure, that combo of pink-based beige with an exaggerated white tip, has been the go-to look for formal wear for ages. Some ladies mix it up with an opalescent top coat to add some iridescent shine, but for the most part, French manicures have stayed neutral...until now! With the influx of fun trends from neon to glitter... CONTINUE READING 6