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Glitzy Glitter

We don't know about you, but when the holidays roll around, our makeup bag starts to look like a drag queen exploded in it, all loose glitter, gilded shadows and gold-flecked bronzers. But there is such a thing as too much glitter and glimmer—pack on a face full of sparkles and soon you'll be looking like you're the star of... CONTINUE READING 10

Birthday Beauties: Gorgeous Makeup from November B-Day Girls

We don't know about you, but November simply flew by, so quickly that we almost forgot to give a great big "happy birthday!" to some of the gorgeous gals who rang in yet another name day this month. Whether they just became over-21 legal or said hello to fabulous 40, these lovely famous ladies continuously prove that you can look... CONTINUE READING 7

DIY Sweet Summer Dinner Party Decor

What's better than going to a dinner party? Hosting one! While the summer sun is still heating up, now is the perfect time to call all your family and friends and throw together a fabulous feast. Although you may have to pay a pretty penny for some delish food and drinks, there is no reason for you to have to... CONTINUE READING 4

Trend Alert: Totally Cool Textured Nails

This fall, your nails are getting a serious makeover! The neons, tie dyes and rainbows have been fun this summer, but this fall is all about texture. No more boring shiny surfaces and glossy coats—this fall, your nails can match your outfits with suede, velvet and even rubber finishes. Bejeweled surfaces and feathers will add a layer of depth to... CONTINUE READING 11

Sugar & Spice: 8 Lovely Leather and Lace Looks

This summer, the dainty girl is getting a little edge! This season's been all about unexpected mixing and matching, from cool color combinations in everything from fashion to nails, to weird but delicious foodie pairings, but the combo that we've been loving most this summer is leather and lace. Hot weather leather's been a huge trend this summer and when... CONTINUE READING 8

7 Fab Frocks to Take You From Sandy Beach to City Street

If you want to plan your day at the beach without having to run home and change before you head to happy hour with the girls, having the right beach dress is ideal. You'll want to choose an outfit that can seamlessly go from a sandy beach to a night on the town, with fabrics that are the perfect balance... CONTINUE READING 10

8 Fabulous Figure Fixers

Everybody has those little problem areas that we try our hardest to embrace but often cringe at when we spot these sections in the mirror. Good news! With a few choice wardrobe selections, you can make your already beautiful body look its very best. From hiding a little unwanted tummy bulge to adding curves to a boyish frame to balancing... CONTINUE READING 9

The Embellished Collar: Take It, Make It & Fake It

Ladies, it's time to pop your collars! No, we're not talking about the upturned Lacoste polos those preppy frat bros sported in college. From Natalie Portman to Alexa Chung to Hailee Steinfeld, shirt collars are getting spruced up this summer with snazzy adornments, from studs to spangles, beads to baubles. Take on the tricked out collar trend by buying up some of... CONTINUE READING 8

Bye-Bye Flip Flops! Say Hello To 8 Sexy Sandals For Summer

Back away from those boring flip flops! Flip flops are way too casual for the style statement you're planning on making this summer, but that doesn't mean that stilettos and wedges are your only option for completing your summer style. With the right look, a little dazzle and good design, a sexy flat sandal can be just the thing to... CONTINUE READING 9

Espa-Thrill: Step Into Summer's Cutest Espadrilles

Espadrilles may have originated in Spain upwards of 4,00 years ago, but today these stylish steppers are still an extremely popular spring and summer shoe. The signature braided rope sole can be found on so many different shoe styles, from booties and platforms, to flats and stilettos. While back in Spain all those years ago, these traditionally canvas... CONTINUE READING 6

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