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The Change-Up: Swap Summer Trends For Fierce Fall Fashions

Every season has its staple items that we try to hold onto as long as possible. This summer was definitely full of fun fashion trends, from tropical prints to cat-eye sunglasses to friendship bracelets. All of the bright colors and bold prints gave our look tons of great texture and taste this summer, but with Labor Day around the corner,... CONTINUE READING 11

The Embellished Collar: Take It, Make It & Fake It

Ladies, it's time to pop your collars! No, we're not talking about the upturned Lacoste polos those preppy frat bros sported in college. From Natalie Portman to Alexa Chung to Hailee Steinfeld, shirt collars are getting spruced up this summer with snazzy adornments, from studs to spangles, beads to baubles. Take on the tricked out collar trend by buying up some of... CONTINUE READING 8

Party Dresses We Wish We Wore to Prom

In high school, I was awkward. Not shy-around-boys-awkward, but Never Been Kissed-style didn’t-even-go-to prom awkward! While everyone’s got their own prom night stories, every girl knows that all of them pale in comparison to the dress. That’s right, prom night is all about the dress. Whether your dress was a stylish success or a complete disaster, or if you missed... CONTINUE READING 11

Basketball-Inspired Style: Mesh

With stuff like Lin-sanity making the NBA a hot topic and college basketball's March Madness just days away, it's fitting that mesh is in style this season. By taking a normally "sporty" look and turning it girlie, you get the perfect balance of chic and chill. Mesh is so versatile that you can change its tone just by what you pair... CONTINUE READING 7


It’s the time of year when the weather hits us with that less-than-friendly late fall/early winter chill and the only thing on our minds is how cute we can possibly look when it’s cold outside. Thankfully sweaters are fabulous and functional this season! The Fair Isle Cowlneck Cardigan ($68) from Victoria’s Secret is a gorgeous blend of winter bliss. The classic... CONTINUE READING 17


Sarah here, spotting at Shecky’s Girls Night Out Boston. As a stylist, I live for all these amazing vendors in one place. There were so many things to see and do at Shecky’s, so I had some exploring to do. Trends right now are a harbinger of what will be hot in the fall, and mesh jewelry is definitely a go.... CONTINUE READING 10