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10 On-Screen Spies We Wouldn't Mind Shagging

Sure, someone who pretty much lies for a living wouldn’t make the best boyfriend, but these fellas sure do make some tasty eye candy! Between their serious butt-kicking skills, mysterious quality and big guns (and yes, we’re talking about muscles), there’s just something so undeniably sexy about a spy, especially when they’re played by Hollywood hotties like Matt, George, Brad,... CONTINUE READING 12

The Boys of Summer: Our Celeb Crushes Are Heating Up

Memorial Day is just a few days away and with it ushers in summer blockbusters and, more importantly, the hot Hollywood actors starring in them! From the much-welcome return of Mr. Summer Movie himself Will Smith to super hot superheroes like Andrew Garfield and Chris Hemsworth, here's a roundup of the action-packed flicks that will be hitting the big screen... CONTINUE READING 16

How Bromantic: Our Fave Famous Guy-Pals

Ah, the bromance—that borderline obsessive bond two straight males can have with each other. Sure, sometimes being in the middle of one can be annoying, but I personally love the bromance. It shows that men can actually care for one another without resorting to faux machismo, and plus, when your beau’s hanging out with his bro, that gives you some... CONTINUE READING 9

Guy Movies That We (Also) Love

Who said guns, fights and explosions were just for guys? Most men are shocked when I profess my love for violent gangster flicks, thinking my tastes should be relegated to the “chick flick only” arena. But stereotypical “guy movies” are just as awesome as a good romcom, if not more! So whether you love action-packed movies or are a gal... CONTINUE READING 21


From his breakout into the Hollywood scene with 1997's Good Will Hunting to his anticipated stellar performance in next week's Hereafter (in theaters next Friday, October 22), Matt Damon hasn't lost an ounce of sex appeal over the years. Whether he's gunning down a foe as Jason Bourne or crying in Liz Lemon's lap on this season of 30 Rock,... CONTINUE READING 19