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DIY Massages You Can Do At Your Desk

A nice quality massage probably sounds really nice right now, but in the comfort of your own office? No way! Believe it or not, a simple facial massage can help alleviate stress, fatigue and signs of aging. Shaking off the idea that massages are strictly salon only, these easy massage techniques ensure salon quality results for half of the salon... CONTINUE READING 10

10 Ways To Treat Yourself This Mother's Day

Every year, my mother and her best friend wake up the morning of Mother’s Day, hop in the car and leave their kids behind. They rarely even let us know where they're headed, but we all know not to ask. On Mother’s Day, we simply let them do their thing, whatever that may be! You’re a mother 365 days of the... CONTINUE READING 7


With the holidays over, you may have noticed a lingering pain from partying a little harder than usual or your skin might look not-so-hot after all those NYE toasts (eek! Is that a pimple?). Fret not! We’ve compiled a list of the best spas across the nation to help return your face, mind and body to pre-holiday brilliance, all of... CONTINUE READING 13

Throw a Pampering Party at Spas Across the U.S.

The only thing better than a day of pampering is spending it with your BFFs! Luxurious spa services plus great pals are just the ticket for any stressed-out chica to really be able to unwind. So whether it’s your birthday, a treat for your bridal party or “just because,” take a look at some of our Beauty at Its Best... CONTINUE READING 8

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Miami

What we wouldn’t give to be in Miami right now. Everything in this city is hot, from the nightlife to the weather to our spicy Miami Shecksters! Though our GNO event is still about three weeks away (let the countdown begin!), we’ve chosen some of our favorite places to relax, stay, dine and shop while you’re in the city. Take... CONTINUE READING 9

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Atlanta

Hey, Hotlanta hotties, Shecky’s will be comin’ to your city soon! Things are sure to get peachy when we roll up with Goodie Bags, awesome vendors, complimentary bevvies and more. And while you’re waiting, why not hit up some of our favorite places to eat, shop, unwind and stay—trust us, Atlanta is called the New York of the South for... CONTINUE READING 16

Girls Night Out Preview: Up All Night in NYC!

Starting tomorrow, Shecky’s Girls Night Out will be hittin’ up our own hometown of NYC! We all know New York is the city that never sleeps, so to celebrate our beloved insomnia-prone Big Apple, we’re bringing you our favorite picks for when you’re up all night. Not only will these products serve you well when you’re burning the midnight oil,... CONTINUE READING 19

Girlfriend Fun Guide: San Francisco

Hey Frisco friends, Shecky’s is headed to your city soon! We love San Francisco for its rolling hills, eclectic architecture and, of course, all of the gorgeous gals that live there. But the Golden Gate Bridge isn’t the only big tourist draw in the Golden City—San Fran also has plenty of boutiques, great eats, spas and places to stay. Check... CONTINUE READING 8

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Boston

Attention all you Beantown babes, Girls Night Out Boston is almost here! We’re thankful Boston is just a bus ride away because we love this city. And really, what’s not to heart? It has passionate sports fans, collegiately cool hangouts, historic hot spots and tons of great places to eat, shop, relax and stay. Keep reading to check out our... CONTINUE READING 8

Girls Night Out Preview: Shine on, Philadelphia!

A big shout-out to our Philly phriends, because Shecky’s will be traveling to the city of girlfriend-ly love in just three days! We can’t wait to take over Philadelphia with our Goodie Bags and good times, and to get you even more pumped for the event, we’ve chosen some of our fave vendor products that are sure to keep you... CONTINUE READING 22