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A Beauty-ful Social Media Guru

Are you on Facebook and/or Twitter right now? I'm pretty sure a good percent of you can answer "yes" to that question. While social networks can seem like just a fun way to interact with friends and catch up on gossip, the past few years have proven that social media is a powerful marketing tool, too. And it's not only... CONTINUE READING 7

The Fashion Industry’s BFF

The fashion industry may seem like a confusing tangle of runway shows, stilettos and demanding bosses. Melissa McGraw not only knows this world well, she wants to help others discover it, too. After spending 15 years in the industry in various positions, she's started her own venture, The Fashion Potential, to help advise and connect those hoping to break into... CONTINUE READING 5

An Editor at a Share-Worthy Site

Let's get serious, ladies! Not all of our time spent at work is spent on, er, work (c'mon, what are you researching on today?). For some of the best share-worthy, work-distracting content out there, we always head to BuzzFeed. So what's it like to be an editor at this site? We got the scoop on viral marketing (see below... CONTINUE READING 4

Roost: Easy and Fun Social Media Management

Shecky’s is always proud to break the latest news on girl gadgets that are guaranteed to boost your success! Roost, who just launched their product at a conference in San Francisco last week, has developed a super-easy way to stay connected to your friends and fans. Celebs like the Kardashians, designers like Tory Burch, and even your favorite restaurants or bars... CONTINUE READING 8

White Wine Favorite: Kim Crawford Wines

Here at Shecky’s, we’re as much about de-stressing and creating work-life balance as we are about going out and having a blast with your girlfriends. Whether it’s a night in or a hot party you’re hostessing, a good wine that won’t break the bank is always an essential. We’re longtime fans of New Zealand-based Kim Crawford Wines, but interviewing Rebecca... CONTINUE READING 8

Get Hires on Facebook

I know we can dish about guys, shoes and the best beauty (check out the Beauty at Its Best Awards for that!)… but now it’s time to get down to business. Did you know 80% of new jobs are the direct result of friend networking? When you first hear that it seems a little off-putting but just think: Who is... CONTINUE READING 18


Name: Pumpkin Spice Candle, 10-oz. Jar Price: $12.95 for a 10-oz jar Designer: Bliss Soybean Candles & Gifts Where to Buy: Why: Discover a sweetly scented candle that's perfect for fall. I love decorating my home for the different seasons, and a candle that smells great is a must. I liked these candles even more when I found out they were started by a... CONTINUE READING 19