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We love our summertime cocktails—almost nothing beats a margarita on the beach—but hey, we’re smack in the middle of December, and it’s cookie-baking, gift-giving season. Leave the strawberry daiquiris and Long Islands to July, and celebrate the season with these wintry swaps for all your favorite beachy tipples. Prep a pitcher of hard cider sangria to pull out the next... CONTINUE READING 11

8 Delicious Frozen Drinks to Cool Down a Hot Day

As the temps begin to rise, we are constantly looking for ways to cool off on hot days, and what better way than sippin’ on some sweet frozen cocktails? We know what you’re thinking: pina coladas and margaritas, yada, yada, yada, right? Well, stop right there! These innovative, punched up potables will not only leave your taste buds... CONTINUE READING 16

Cheers to Summer With Tasty Tropical 'Tails

If there's a better way to cool down from a hot summer day than with a deliciously refreshing cocktail, we simply don't know what it is! Summer officially kicks off tomorrow, so we're toasting to the season of long beach days and even longer summer nights with some tasty, tropical-inspired cocktails that will take your taste buds on a trip... CONTINUE READING 9

Scrumptious Strawberry Recipes Ripe for the Picking

May is quickly sliding into June and with it comes the final days of National Strawberry Month. Nature's sweet treats are in season this month, so why not take advantage of all that natural deliciousness by plucking a few fresh, ripe berries and whipping up one (or all!) of these scrumptious strawberry-based recipes? From pizzas to salsas, homemade ice cream... CONTINUE READING 8

Toast Cinco De Mayo With Tequila-Free ‘Tails

I have a confession—I hate tequila. Seriously, loathe the stuff. One mere sniff of tequila and I wake up the next morning on my bathroom floor wondering where the last ten hours went. My lack of affection for Cuervo & co. makes Cinco de Mayo boozing a bit problematic, as the holiday’s practically soaked in the agave-based spirit. So for... CONTINUE READING 6

Cinco Margarita-Inspired Sweet Treats

Sure, everyone will be serving up the standard salt-rimmed margaritas come Cinco de Mayo, but why stop at only cocktails? The classic margarita can make a cameo in both your bebidas and your bites! These sweet treats are spiked marg-style with tequila and lime for a scrumptious way to cap off your Cinco de Mayo celebrations. From cupcakes to cookies... CONTINUE READING 7

DIY Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, who isn’t looking forward to another reason for festivities and yummy cocktails? To get yourself ready for that fab fiesta you'll be throwing for sus amigas, we've put together five of our favorite party ideas for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations, from margs to guac and everything in between. This fiesta will have... CONTINUE READING 5

Celebrate National Margarita Day with Cool ‘Rita Home Accents

Happy National Margarita Day! What’s so great about this sweet yet salty beverage is that it’s all about getting creative. Legend has it that the marg itself was created on a whim with leftover party ingredients.... So, rather than talk about cool takes on margaritas for the zillionth time, I've got the scoop on my fave 'rita and fun décor... CONTINUE READING 7

Sweet Dessert Drinks for Valentine's Day

For all the single ladies, those women whose boyfriends conveniently "forgot" to make a dinner reservation, or the attached chicas who are throwing a quiet night at home to protest the holiday, shake up some love-therapy in the form of a chocolaty cocktail. You'll need one—or all seven—of these drinks to undo the headache you'll have by the end of... CONTINUE READING 7

Girl-Approved Drinks for Super Bowl Sunday

It's Super Bowl Sunday and the men are in charge of one thing: beer. But you'd rather sip ice water than wash down all that delish food with a gulp of their boyish brews! If your taste buds aren't too keen for anything that comes in a keg, try a few of these female-friendly beverages that correspond with the Pats... CONTINUE READING 13