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Roses are red. Violets are blue. We’re decking out our nails this Valentine’s Day and hey, so should you! From glimmering glitters, solid polishes and eye-catching liquid sand, here are 10 festive nail polishes on our list that will look smashing on your hand. - Courtney Leiva Ciate Treasured Possessions-Love Letter Paint Pot ($15 at For sparkles and glitters galore, this... CONTINUE READING 15


You've already decked the halls, sported festive jewelry and picked up the trendiest winter styles. But there's one key thing missing: your nails! They deserve some holiday lovin' too. For some nail art inspiration, here are eight jolly holiday manicures that will make you the shining leader of the pack this season...kind of like Rudolph! -Lauren Urban Santa's Twist on the French... CONTINUE READING 21


Usually we absolutely dread when the temps start dropping and icicles start popping up anywhere and everywhere. That is, until we discovered that those pesky little frozen particles actually boast a bevy of beautifying benefits. From frozen facials to ice bath nail polish sealers, here are five ways that a little ice can go a long way in your daily... CONTINUE READING 11

Polish Collections Perfect For Your Beauty-Obsessed BFF

If you're anything like us, you've got yourself a polish junkie somewhere in your inner circle of close gal pals. But when it comes time for gifting season, how do you pick the perfect shade for the girl who seems to have every lacquer known to man? Luckily for you, there are plenty of brand-spankin'-new holiday polish collections and gift... CONTINUE READING 8

A Vision in Velvet: Take On the Luxe New Beauty Trend

From the sophisticated velvet styles that traipsed down the runways to the red velvet confections we'll be baking up for the holidays, we've got velvet on the brain this season, but why stop at crushed velvet frocks and velvety ruby red cakes? This fall, see the softer side of beauty with makeup that mimics the rich, luxurious feel of the... CONTINUE READING 8

Wear Your Vote On Your Sleeve...Or Nails...Or Shoes

Spreading support for presidential candidates doesn’t have to be all picket signs and pins. Politics go pretty with these beauty and fashion staples that are necessary for anyone passionate about encouraging others to vote and expressing their own opinion. Whether you’re rooting for Romney or over-the-moon for Obama, try out a few of these finds for a beautiful Election... CONTINUE READING 4

Your Guide to Fall's Hautest Nail Polish Hues

If there's an easier way to update your look for autumn than by simply slicking on a few coats of fabulous fall-ready nail polishes, we don't know what it is! Say farewell to summer's sunny yellows and bright neons and hello to fall's hottest polish hues—we're talking mirror-like metallics, earthy burnt oranges and forest greens, vampy burgundy that's way more... CONTINUE READING 22

Pumpkin Spiced-Beauty: 7 Beauty Ideas For The Fall

Put down that seasonal spiced latte and satisfy a different taste of fall by indulging in the latest pumpkin-spiced beauty treatments. Just in time for October, we’ve got scrubs, gels, cleansers and creams that will make your skin as delicious as pumpkin pie! From DIY face beauty editor-approved face scrub recipes to pumpkin-infused manis 'n' pedis, you'll be looking fresh... CONTINUE READING 8

Spotted at: Girls Night Out Philadelphia

For my third year in a row, I’ve had the pleasure of attending Shecky’s Girls Night Out here in the city of brotherly love and couldn’t have enjoyed it more! GNO is one of my favorite events that I look forward to each year because of the awesome fashion steals, gorgeous jewelry deals, and cocktails and treats that are too... CONTINUE READING 6

The Best of Fall 2012's Runway Beauty Looks

What's the easiest way to change up your look for fall? That's right—makeup. Using what you already own but doing it in cool, en vogue ways, you can easily take your style from summer's beach-bound bombshell to this fall's city-strutting stylista. But where to go to get the hottest beauty looks for fall? The runways, of course! The runways dictate... CONTINUE READING 9