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Beauty Gives Back for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Get in the pink spirit this October by supporting an honorable cause while primping and pampering in gorgeous style! From totally fashionable hot pink flat irons to deep fuschia polish, check out our twelve favorite beauty products that are giving back to a great cause. Doing good while looking good—is there anything better than that? Chi Limited Edition Pink Crinkle Breast... CONTINUE READING 9

Back to School Beauty Essentials

While the start of school be the most dreaded time of the year for the youth of America, we can all benefit by taking a refresher course in beauty! Have you ever been caught off-guard and had to freshen up but lacked that go-to lipstick or blush? Or have you sifted through your bag only to find that you’ve left... CONTINUE READING 2

7 Beauty Commandments You Should Live By

Sure, we can all pick and choose what to do when it comes to creating our own beautification routine, but some rules are not meant to be broken. From stepping away from those tweezers to diligently slathering on the SPF, these are the seven beauty commandments that you need to live by. Broke one of our rules below? Don't worry, we’ll... CONTINUE READING 11

Beauty in Pretty Packaging

Admit it...have you ever purchased a product based on its packaging? No need to raise your hand on this one. Brands KNOW how quick we are to judge a book by its cover, which is why they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on designing beautiful packaging just to get us to spend our pretty pennies. Guess what though? It... CONTINUE READING 10

Customize Your Cosmetics

If you consider yourself to be part beauty lover, part mad scientist, you are so going to love this post. While many of us hop around from store to store to scoop up our favorite brands’ products and items, there are others who enjoy whipping up their own cosmetic concoctions. After all, there’s nothing like... CONTINUE READING 8

Girls Night Out Washington, D.C. Preview: Silver & Gold Faves

It may be cold outside, but Girls Night Out Washington, D.C. is comin' to town this week to spread cheer with Goodie Bags, holiday shopping and heart-warming cocktails! And there's something we'll bet everyone's wishing for...silver and gold stuff to make the holidays look extra-pretty. Take a gander at some of our shiny faves below! -Jasmine Frazier Of course you want to know... CONTINUE READING 3


We all know that sometimes pain is beauty and vice versa, but beauty is also money. With all the products in your drugstore aisle, it can be tough to sort out what works and what's not worth it. So snag these tried 'n' true 2010 Beauty at Its Best award winners for pennies and make them a part of your daily routine. -Lynden... CONTINUE READING 14


While large carry-alls are popular this season, it only feeds the problem most women (guilty!) have of over-packing their purses. Toting around the necessities is one thing, but let’s face it, we usually have a little more than what’s actually necessary. So I've narrowed it down to the top five beauty essentials that you must have on-hand at all times. Oh,... CONTINUE READING 26


This October, show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness by indulging in some new beauty products. The fact that some of these were made specifically with Breast Cancer Awareness in mind and all of them donate money to dedicated charities is the perfect excuse to buy new beauty loot. -Lynden Halpern Before you slip on a fabulous pink something, and while we’re... CONTINUE READING 22