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by Courtney A. Levia Between frequent heat-styling and the cold winter air, chances are, your scalp definitely needs some proper TLC.  So if you’re look to restore some much-needed moisture and hydration back to your parched tresses, revamping your hair care regimen is surely a recommended place to start. Whether it’s deep conditioning goodies or dandruff busters that you seek, grab... CONTINUE READING 7


by Marissa Collado No two heads of hair are the same, but those with curly tresses will all agree that finding the perfect product is not as easy as it seems. Below are product reviews (by a fellow curly girl) to avoid the crunchy Ramen noodle look and the dreaded frizz – and keep your curls healthy! 1. LUSH  "Roots" Lush is known... CONTINUE READING 19


by Courtney A. Leiva If you’re still on the hunt for some inexpensive, and not to mention amazing stocking stuffers, we've got your back with these 10 options perfect for any beauty blogging junkie. From pretty polishes to super-nourishing hand creams, check out our absolute favorite must-haves below! 1. Ahava Bright & Merry Ornaments Give the beauties in your life this super affordable... CONTINUE READING 6

Dive Into Summertime

Forget the vampires and zombies! Mermaids couldn’t be hotter this summer. And what better way to steal their flawless skin and beach tousled waves than with these mermaid inspired beauty favorites? - Courtney Leiva Eyes NARS It’s A Mad World Duo Eyeshadow Play up those poppers with these sea-like shades including a bold cyan blue and bright parakeet green. ($34, Too Faced Summer... CONTINUE READING 3


Not many people have fond memories of ‘80s hair -- maybe Dolly Parton and Jon Bon Jovi? Still, the stars of Dynasty did know how to create major volume, and that trend is still thriving on Paris and New York runways today. Give your hair some much-needed oomph with these tips, tools of the trade, and products guaranteed to leave your... CONTINUE READING 6

Soft Kissable Lips

You know the feeling. Your lips feel a little dry, so you give them a quick run-over with your tongue because you don’t feel like digging your tiny tube of balm out of your bag. A few minutes later, your lips feel drier, so you lick them again. But every time you lick your lips, you wipe away all of... CONTINUE READING 11

New Year New Face

If you’re like us, you like to do your own New Year’s version of spring cleaning every January. You’ve probably thinned out old shoes, clothes and coats galore! But before you tire of the in-with-the-new fetish, don’t forget to give your beauty drawer the royal cleaning treatment. From brush cleaners to raccoon-eye slayers, give your beauty arsenal the squeaky clean... CONTINUE READING 31

Glitzy Glitter

We don't know about you, but when the holidays roll around, our makeup bag starts to look like a drag queen exploded in it, all loose glitter, gilded shadows and gold-flecked bronzers. But there is such a thing as too much glitter and glimmer—pack on a face full of sparkles and soon you'll be looking like you're the star of... CONTINUE READING 10

Holiday Travel Beauty Must-Haves

'Tis the season to be holiday traveling with beautiful friends! The holiday hustle and bustle has finally arrived and if you are anything like us, the constant layovers, pit-stops and train-rides makes us irritable, tired and, dare we say, just not pretty? To combat any beauty-cramping traveling scenario, we've rounded up 14 holiday beauty-travel must-haves perfect for any carry-on... CONTINUE READING 7

Soak in the Season: Fall-Inspired Bath Buys

Nothing's better on a chilly fall day than a hot bath. Now that every day is cold and windy, you're sure to be warming up in the shower or bath a lot more. We discovered a few autumn-inspired beauty products that will make your bath that much more enticing! From bath bombs to salts to body washes, these bath babies... CONTINUE READING 9