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By Marcus Scott When it comes to sensuality and fulfilling your basic primal urges, we say, follow your bliss. As long as you are being safe, do whatever you have to when it comes to relieving a bit of tension down there. If you’re flying solo with no one to untangle the kinks in your parachute, you may consider a pay-for-play... CONTINUE READING 38


by Megan Greene At age 10, you picked out your dress. At age 15, you knew what colors or decor you wanted; or perhaps, you knew whether you would have a wedding on the beach or in an church. Now, you’re in your twenties and you know what friends will be your bridesmaids and what style ring you want. Since you... CONTINUE READING 13


by Mallory Feeney Damn it, the butterflies are back and you’ve started seeing your ex, again. It’s like starting fresh again… right? It’s nice to be back in his company and things are going to be different this time around…right? Even though you might have vowed to never ever ever get back together—to cite someone who is completely familiar with make-ups... CONTINUE READING 16


by Joann Vaglica Need a tantalizing thrill added to your sex life? Then it’s about that time you venture out of the bedroom and do some exploring! Make use out of the most common places in your house… in an uncommon way. Spontaneous sex is the best sex, so you know what to do next time you’re in one of these... CONTINUE READING 12


Whether you’ve been together for a few years or a few months, let’s face it: it’s always awkward when your boyfriend talks to his ex. Their relationship can be as casual as still being friends on Facebook or it can be a little less comforting, like monthly meetups for drinks and lunch. Unfortunately, we draw terrible conclusions from all those shows... CONTINUE READING 7


by Mallory Feeney It’s Valentine’s Day. Again. You’ve been with your beau for a while, and everything has pretty much fallen into a routine. You love ‘em, but somehow it seems like the typical flower and chocolates gift is sweet, but too expected. Looking for ideas on how to rekindle the once red hot flame in your relationship? Read on! The Grab... CONTINUE READING 3


We love our television shows, but they definitely know how to skew our perception of reality. From docu-reality series to comedies to dramas, television relationships show us all the “what-ifs” we try to avoid thinking about. Here’s a few reasons we think that all these television relationships are impacting ours. 1. Drama, drama, drama! Not every relationship is sunshine and butterflies but... CONTINUE READING 10


It’s old news, but Miami Heat’s beloved Dwayne Wade made celeb gossip feeds when he fathered a son with Aja Metoyer in November. He and his now fiancé, actress Gabrielle Union, have been dating since 2009. And while the two claimed to be on a break, they were together around the time Wade’s son was conceived, as seen here: Oh the... CONTINUE READING 22


by Marcus Scott When it comes to makin’ whoopee, some men are tamer than others, opting for very safe, puritanical methods of what the act of sex is. To be honest, nothing’s wrong with vanilla sex. Actually, there are some out there who are in defense of vanilla sex. But to be frank, there are a variety of ways for Thor... CONTINUE READING 2


by Marissa Collado It's no secret that sometimes women want emotionless commitment and free sex just as much as men do! However navigating the sea of one-night stand fish can be difficult and awkward... but it doesn’t have to be. Here are our tips to a successful one night stand to get the temporary sparks flying – all while avoiding the... CONTINUE READING 10