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pleated shirts feat

By Roselyn Sebastian Pleated skirts are no longer just for Catholic school girls and punk rockers, they've been popping up all over in various prints and lengths. This makes them wearable for pretty much every occasion. We've gathered our favorite pieces from this season and styled them into chic looks for every girl, goth or gamine. Night Out When you think pleated... CONTINUE READING 7


Your typical jacquard fabric has a quilted, dense texture, and comes in a variety of subtle paisley or diamond designs. But don’t let the thick material or dated patterns fool you — jacquard is perfect for spring. It brings an instant elegance to any outfit, making even a $12 top look regal and expensive. Check out our favorite new jacquard... CONTINUE READING 5

10 Chic Ways to Support the Cause

Help fight breast cancer in the way us Shecky’s stylistas know best—shopping! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’ve rounded up 10 great products that mix fashion with philanthropy, with proceeds going directly to charities and organizations that are working to eradicate breast cancer once and for all. So think pink this October, stock up on stylish BCA must-haves... CONTINUE READING 11

Flapper Style Frocks with Modern Twists

Did you watch the Academy Awards? The Artist won two of the top prizes—Best Picture and Lead Actor—plus several additional Oscars! The film was much buzzed about due to its black-and-white/silent properties. Naturally I was taken with the vintage, Old-Hollywood looks—tuxes for the men; pin-curls, pearls, furs, and lots of drop waist, flapper-style dresses for the ladies. Although the... CONTINUE READING 5

Groundhog Day: Gear Up for Spring Regardless with Pieces Under $90

Happy Groundhog Day! Whether or not we’re due for another six weeks of winter, the days are ever so slightly gaining daylight, so our thoughts are turning to spring style. Our dark, winter wardrobes aptly reflect our current moods, but if we embrace spring’s brightness a little early, it can help put us in high spirits! -Tai Nycole Hariss One of the... CONTINUE READING 8


It’s time to update our style resolutions! This year, promise to snap up pieces that are long-lasting and can be worn year-round. Here are six classic items to invest in for 2012! Solve the problem of switching up your bag for every brown or black outfit with the Chaps Chain-Link Tote (SALE: $69.30 on Not only does this spacious carryall... CONTINUE READING 9

Office-to-Going-Out Accessories

The holidays are here...which means a jam-packed calendar of events, parties and cocktail hours, some of which you'll have to hit straight after work. So, how to wear somethin' snazzy to work without completely scaring your boss out of giving you an end-of-year bonus (or forcing yourself to pull a Clark-Kent-style change in the ladies...)? These five accessories can easily... CONTINUE READING 11

4 Easy Office-Style Secrets

Getting dressed for work can be monotonous, tedious and even downright frustrating at times. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be! With a little careful planning and some strategic budgeting, you can make your work wardrobe as exciting as your job. (Or add excitement to a job that you don’t love!) Here are my top tips... CONTINUE READING 38

Revive Your Closet This Spring

When it comes to fashion, one of the biggest mistakes women make is spending too much time shopping and not enough time in their own closets. Yes, your closet may feel like the farthest thing from a magical place, but I assure you that with a little time and effort you can find some hidden gems you didn’t even know... CONTINUE READING 23