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Easy 'Dos to Pretty Up Dirty Hair

We’ve all been there—you get home from a long day at work, it’s getting late and the last thing you want to do is leave the comfort of your bed to go shower, wash and style your hair. So you skip a day, maybe two. But what to do with that less-than-clean coif? Luckily for you, days-old dirty hair is... CONTINUE READING 27

Would You Dare Rock Pastel Hair?

Dip-dyes, chalking and pastels, oh my! Pastel tresses are one of the hottest hair trends of the season—I've been seeing cotton candy-colored coifs on everyone from Katy Perry to Kelly Osbourne to Kate Bosworth, and now it's got me wanting some hot pinks and prominent purples to liven up these boring ol' locks! From dip-dying to colorful chalking, I've got... CONTINUE READING 62

The Bold & The Beautiful: Spring Beauty Trends

Makeup this season is all about the bold, the bright and the beautiful. From electric purple pouts to neon yellow eyelids, dip-dyed ‘dos to sexy ‘60s-style cat eyes, these looks are anything but shy. Embrace your extrovert and go bold this spring with a smattering of bright hues from your tresses to your toes—the makeup envy you inspire will be... CONTINUE READING 11


Ah, what woman doesn’t dream of romance with a celeb? But when I’m talking some of these famous fellas, I’m suggesting you stay far, far away. These celebs had such an awful 2010, and while I hope they get it together this year, I wouldn't touch them with a 10-foot pole. -Cait Rohan Scott Disick: He may be the current boyfriend of... CONTINUE READING 23


Who: Natasha Bedingfield What: "Touch" Where: See her "Touch" video on Why: We’ve loved this British blondie ever since we were introduced to her (thanks to brother Daniel) on “Gotta Get Thru This” way back when (2002, to be exact). Since then she's released the ultra-popular Hills theme “Unwritten,” but Natasha's fame didn't end when Lauren and Heidi's friendship went kaput. “Touch,” on the... CONTINUE READING 7


Remember when letting your roots show was a definite no-no? Welcome to the heyday of two-toned a.k.a. ombre locks. This low-maintenance, kinda-crazy coif hit the scene hard last fall (just check out the daring versions on Refinery29), was a staple with stars this summer, and has gone mainstream since then. Yep, September’s Lucky even had Olivia Villanti, associate online fashion... CONTINUE READING 17


While we were getting our daily dose of juicy Hollywood gossip and celebrity style, we stumbled upon a few celebs with a few, er...questionable clothing choices. We weren’t sure if it worked for them or not. Take a look for yourselves and vote! Kim Kardashian Click Here for Poll Nicole Richie Click Here for Poll Lady Gaga Click Here for Poll Mary-Kate Olsen Click Here for Poll CONTINUE READING 1