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by Bianca Logrono Did you resolve to cutback on sugary cocktails this New Year? We've all heard the "they have so many empty calories!" speech so many times. The good news is that we’re here to help you cheat a little. We’ve got five low-cal mocktails that won’t have you missing that cosmo at all – and they're all delicious! 1.... CONTINUE READING 7


Our favorite low-calorie cocktails make us feel even lighter than the bubbly and alcohol naturally does on its own. With fruity ingredients like fresh raspberries and flavorful additions like mint leaves, these skinny cocktails are hard to resist -- and why should you? Smirnoff Citrus Sunset From Smirnoff Ingredients: 1 oz. Smirnoff Citrus 0.5 oz. Captain Morgan Parrot Bay® Coconut 2 oz. cranberry juice 2 oz. pineapple... CONTINUE READING 6


This may shock you, so we hope you’re sitting down. Sometimes, you don’t need alcohol to have fun. Mind officially blown? Joking aside, it’s so easy to enjoy a nice, refreshingly cold cocktail on a hot day without getting wasted. Maybe you’re with his parents, or your grandmother, or you don’t want to be the drunk intern at your first... CONTINUE READING 7

Fall Favorites: Beauty, Fashion, Food, Oh My!

Yay, it’s finally fall time beauties! And to commemorate the spicy autumn season, I’m sharing some of my current fall obsessions I simply can’t live without. From my party girl favorites to my vampy fashionista must-haves, check out all the beauty, fashion and food happenings on my mind! The Party Girl Duo: Eppa Sangria + LaCroix Grapefruit Who doesn’t love... CONTINUE READING 12

Spotted at: Girls Night Out Houston

Just as the cool fall air started to blow into Houston, another fun and fabulous Girls Night Out evening with Shecky's breezed through town! Houston's most stylish and savvy ladies came out in their best attire for an evening of style, shopping and fun with friends. Read away to see my favorite finds from Houston's GNO! Hats & Handbags We saw a... CONTINUE READING 5

Spotted at: Girls Night Out New York City

Hi ladies! My name is Mandy and I write the lifestyle blog, Little Maison where I feature everything I love under one virtual roof. I have been attending Shecky's Girls Night Out for years and I am so excited to be reporting in on the 2012 Summer GNO in New York City! I spotted many hot trends,... CONTINUE READING 11

Spotted at: Girls Night Out Los Angeles

Hi all, Shanon here! I was given the great opportunity to attend Shecky's Girls Night Out event in Los Angeles this past Tuesday and I had the most amazing time shopping and checking out all the fun, fabulous vendors! From clothes to cocktails to cupcakes (yum!), here's a look at all the goodies GNO was serving up in LA. Spring Style I... CONTINUE READING 7


Ho! Ho! Ho! Girls Night Out made its way to our nation's capital last week to spread some holiday cheer to our D.C. divas. The people in your lives are going to be very pleased, because we had some awesome products for you all to pick from. (Hope you managed to grab something for yourselves as well!) Thanks for coming,... CONTINUE READING 17

Girls Night Out Washington, D.C. Preview: Silver & Gold Faves

It may be cold outside, but Girls Night Out Washington, D.C. is comin' to town this week to spread cheer with Goodie Bags, holiday shopping and heart-warming cocktails! And there's something we'll bet everyone's wishing for...silver and gold stuff to make the holidays look extra-pretty. Take a gander at some of our shiny faves below! -Jasmine Frazier Of course you want to know... CONTINUE READING 3

Here's to Your Health: Better-for-You Holiday Bubbly

Clink! I’m sure you’ll be cheersing a lot this holiday season, but it stinks when the glass you’re toasting with is filled with a seriously-bad-for-you beverage (calories, sugar and fat, oh my!). Check out these four better-for-you champagne-based cocktails, and one alcohol-free bubbly bev I heart (pssh, hangovers totally add to the already ever-present holiday “puff” you’ve got going on). -Cait... CONTINUE READING 4