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Hair jewelry -- an accessory once confined to the bridal world, and, well, Cleopatra -- is having another moment. Bedazzled head pieces are popping up everywhere, from the runways to the red carpet to the streets. We’re loving the versatility and all the new ways to decorate your head. Not a tiara girl? No problem -- slip on a turban... CONTINUE READING 9

7 Sensational Celebrity Beauty Brands

Do you ever go to a makeup counter and ask the consultant if she can recommend you a mascara that will give you mega-watt lashes like your favorite celebrity? Or how about a bold lip color that will draw more attention than Taylor Swift with a new guy? Finally, celebrities are realizing that they have... CONTINUE READING 4

5 Chic Ways to Wear Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are pretty popular these days—look around any accessories department and you'll find a wide variety of fancy headbands, clips, barrettes and even ornate headpieces. While they may look like fun, it's very easy to make a chic hair accessory cheesy or childish. In order to avoid a hair accessories fail, there are a few tips to keep in... CONTINUE READING 4

Most Stylish Celeb Moms-To-Be

Mother's Day is right around the corner and to celebrate, we're saluting some seriously stylish celeb moms-to-be from over the years that prove that maternity and chic are not mutually exclusive.  Stylish starlets like Beyoncé, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian have flipped the script on boring old maternity clothes and turned those nine months of pregnancy into a... CONTINUE READING 19

Girls Will Be Boys: Take on the Tomboy Trend

Who would’ve thought two polar opposite styles would come out of one season?! While femme frocks and ladylike makeup were all over the runways this spring, on the opposite end of the spectrum were tomboy styles, with menswear-inspired looks at Paul Smith to Diane Von Furstenberg. If you’re thinking you’ll look too boyish, think again! You don’t have to be... CONTINUE READING 26

Sister Act: Most Stylish Celeb Sisters

Happy National Siblings Day! To celebrate the fun holiday, take a gander at some of our fave celeb sisters who are keeping it all in the family when it comes to their good looks and great style. From standbys like the Olsens and the Kardashians, to new stylish kids on the block like the Maras and the Fannings, these lovely... CONTINUE READING 13

Accessories to Fool Them into Thinking You're Famous

So, us regular Janes may never realize our dreams of being famous singers, actresses or designers, but that doesn't mean we can't look like our favorite celebs. Take out your notepad, girls...I've spotted five accessories that are sure to have the paparazzi snapping pics of you! -Kenia Mazariegos Shady Shades It’s a known fact—dark, dramatically large shades add that engimatic "I'm a star"... CONTINUE READING 12

A Few Things Kim Kardashian Should Have Considered

Kim, Kim, Kim! K’mon now. But no matter how mind-boggling a 72-day marriage FAIL may seem, and as much as we want to smack them as “media whores who did it all for the money and attention” there are a few real questions I have for Kim that she should have considered before she got married, then promptly divorced. How did... CONTINUE READING 46

How Soon is Too Soon to Get Engaged?Engaged

It’s been announced that middle Kardashian sister Kim is now engaged to beau Kris Humphries of New Jersey Nets fame. The couple has been dating for a whopping six months (which actually is whopping in comparison to sister Khloe’s nine-day wedding plans) and Humphries surprised Kim with a 20.5-karat ring. Pretty standard, right? I know nothing should surprise me since all... CONTINUE READING 27

Help! I'm Living with a Couple

I have an unwanted roommate. I may be from New York, but surprisingly enough this article is not about roaches, rats or bedbugs (knock on wood that I never share a space with them!). It’s about a human roommate, one who isn’t on the lease. Yes, I'm basically living with my roomie's boyfriend. No matter how nice, polite or amiable this... CONTINUE READING 18

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