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7 Sensational Celebrity Beauty Brands

Do you ever go to a makeup counter and ask the consultant if she can recommend you a mascara that will give you mega-watt lashes like your favorite celebrity? Or how about a bold lip color that will draw more attention than Taylor Swift with a new guy? Finally, celebrities are realizing that they have... CONTINUE READING 4

I Want Your (Cross) Body: Summer's Chicest Cross-Body Bags

During the summer, stay fuss-free with a hands-free handbag. The best part about cross-body bags is you can wear them for any occasion, whether you want to go fancy with a classic quilted style a la Chanel or fun with an en vogue bright neon cross-body. Here are five of my favorite styles that are available in stores now,... CONTINUE READING 5

Dress Like Your Favorite Literary Heroine

The adage is that “art imitates life” but it’s hard not to imitate fashionable women; even those found in literature. Our favorite heroines aren’t just memorable because of what they did, but also what they wore while doing it. In honor of International Women's Day (today), I've listed a few of my favorite fashionable and fearless fictional females and how... CONTINUE READING 12

Style Like Your Fave Old-School Cartoon Characters

The cartoon characters of our youths aren’t just good ways to reminisce about lazy Saturdays spent gathered around the TV with bowls of Cheerios. Some of the tube’s top cartoon females can serve as style inspiration now that we’re adults. Okay, maybe not literally (although truth be told I’d love to wear Strawberry’s get-up and smell like her, too)—but in... CONTINUE READING 18


It’s time to update our style resolutions! This year, promise to snap up pieces that are long-lasting and can be worn year-round. Here are six classic items to invest in for 2012! Solve the problem of switching up your bag for every brown or black outfit with the Chaps Chain-Link Tote (SALE: $69.30 on Not only does this spacious carryall... CONTINUE READING 9

Colorblock Clothing Under $75

The colorblock trend may not be new—for many of you it might include flashbacks to the '80s—but colorblocking can successfully infuse color into your closet without going overboard or looking like a Mondrian painting. Here are some fun, bright pieces under $75 to help you add some subtle pop to your summer wardrobe without breaking your budget! Color yourself happy in this... CONTINUE READING 12