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Concert Fashion Feat

By Marcus Scott This summer is filled to the brim with some of the biggest concerts around with international acts  hitting the high seas and touring across the globe in front of cheering fans. Amidst some of the most anticipated set lists and special guests are some of the brightest style moments you won’t see covered on your favorite fashion blogs.... CONTINUE READING 8

The Most Influential Fashion of Music

By Marcus Scott Fashion has always had a place in the world of music, influencing us all to step our games up and reinvent ourselves. But sometimes there are a few fashion forward people that take it a step forward. Here are 16 of the Most Influential Fashion Icons Of Music that are really set the bar. Lily Allen Blending urban sprawl Chav... CONTINUE READING 6


by Mekishana Pierre Women in music have been called many names, from divas to show-stoppers, and everything in between. Whether it's in R&B, Pop, Rock, or Country, much like everything else in the world, music was seen as a male-dominated space. It was hard for women to make their presence felt as equals on the musical field. To be able to... CONTINUE READING 2


Everyone knows that the Grammy Awards provide the best opportunity for celebrities to dress like lunatics. And lunacy was on full display at this year’s celebration, from green, of all colors, having a major red carpet moment on the likes of Florence Welch and Solange Knowles, to Jennifer Lopez’s take on the “Angelina Jolie leg.” Take a look at the... CONTINUE READING 26

The 2012 VMAs Red Carpet: The Good, The Bad & The Meh

There have been plenty of questionable fashions that have walked the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards and this year was no exception, with too-tight fits, too-much-skin sheer and some seriously misguided pantsuits descending upon the Staple Center this Thursday. Thankfully, there was some good style choices mixed in with the bad, including a few that, though a... CONTINUE READING 10

2012 Video Music Awards Beauty Wrap-Up

In the midst of style-obsessed events like New York Fashion Week and Fashion’s Night Out comes the MTV Video Music Awards, which in a nutshell might not be known for top-notch couture but it does surely give us something to talk about by the water cooler the next day. Capturing all the best beauty looks... CONTINUE READING 4

Best Pop Star Beauty Looks of the Year

The MTV Video Music Awards kick off tonight with many stylish starlets turning it out on the red carpet and taking center stage to accept their well-deserved awards, and to celebrate, we’re giving out our own awards, highlighting the best beauty looks from our favorite pop stars this year. 2012 was an exciting year for these lovely ladies, many totally... CONTINUE READING 13

Style Showdown: Who Wore This Season's Styles Better?

Men aren’t the only thing starlets love to share in Hollywood—they also love to steal fashion styles! If a certain celeb dons a designer dud one week, chances are another one will be rocking that same exact style on the red carpet soon after. So what's the only natural thing to do? Let’s judge who wore each outfit better, of... CONTINUE READING 21

Best Celeb Breakovers: Show Him What He's Missing!

What’s the best revenge following a bad breakup? To give yourself a makeover that will leave you looking so smokin', he will be damn sorry he broke up with your fine self! Celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway and Katy Perry have bounced back from publicly bad breakups looking more fabulous than ever. With fitter bods, stylish new... CONTINUE READING 19

What The?! Craziest Celebrity Hairstyles

Now, we're all about going bold with your beauty, but sometimes a courageous look can turn real cooky real quick. What better day than National Hairstyle Appreciation Day for us girls to admire, laugh at and reminisce about all the crazy hairstyles celebrities have rocked over the years. Whether they pull it off or give us a nice little chuckle,... CONTINUE READING 12