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Concert Fashion Feat

By Marcus Scott This summer is filled to the brim with some of the biggest concerts around with international acts  hitting the high seas and touring across the globe in front of cheering fans. Amidst some of the most anticipated set lists and special guests are some of the brightest style moments you won’t see covered on your favorite fashion blogs.... CONTINUE READING 8


by Marcus Scott At the time of her 2006 breakthrough and magnum opus “Back To Black,” Amy Winehouse was an oddity in showbiz. Winehouse was a blue-eyed soul singer from Southgate, London with an unusual warble in her husky contralto. And other than Winehouse, only soul siren Joss Stone was heating up the charts. Not much could be said about her,... CONTINUE READING 10

Skirt the Issue: 5 Fellas Who Aren't Afraid to Rock Skirts

Men in skirts isn't a new thing. From Roman gladiators to the Scottish kilt tradition to cross-dressing lads in New York's finest drag bars, men have been donning skirt-like styles for centuries, but there's still a certain amount of surprise when we spot a famous fella bravely flaunting their man calves in a high-hem skirt on the red carpet, in... CONTINUE READING 13

10 Trendiest Pop Culture Costumes of 2012

Sure, you can go the store bought route and be a sexy kitten again this Halloween (yawnnn), but why not shake it up by taking costume cues from this year's biggest pop culture crazes and phases? From viral videos to reality show stars, hit songs to funny flicks, there's plenty of inspiration floating around for you to pull from this... CONTINUE READING 14

11 Runway-Ready Fall Trends to Stock Up On Now

You may be sad to see the summer end so soon, but with the change of seasons comes the change of wardrobe, and that is certainly nothing to be sad about! This fall is all about structure, pattern, color and texture. The neons and pastels of summer have turned into deep reds and winter whites, while the short shorts have... CONTINUE READING 10

Matching Couples: The Couple That Dresses Together, Stays Together?

When The Huffington Post ran an article back in May about a couple that had been wearing matching outfits for the past 35 years, we were completely taken aback. We couldn't imagine how exhausting and rather silly it must be to keep up the matching outfits after the wedding veil comes up and the boutonnière comes off. But now that... CONTINUE READING 10

How Bromantic: Our Fave Famous Guy-Pals

Ah, the bromance—that borderline obsessive bond two straight males can have with each other. Sure, sometimes being in the middle of one can be annoying, but I personally love the bromance. It shows that men can actually care for one another without resorting to faux machismo, and plus, when your beau’s hanging out with his bro, that gives you some... CONTINUE READING 9

Bad Boys We Can't Help But Love

We know we shouldn’t love bad boys—after all, they’ve had temper tantrums, drug addictions and prison stays—but they’re just so damn hot. Bad boys have been a staple of the silver screen for decades, from James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause to The Breakfast Club’s John Bender, but the hot-headed heartthrobs who get our blood boiling (in the best... CONTINUE READING 15


We can't stop talking about this past Sunday's MTV VMAs. With hilariously inappropriate Chelsea Handler playing host, the awards were anything but tame. The VMAs are always a chance for celebs to show their fun sides, as the dress code is far more casual than any of its award show highlighted by the white not red carpet. As expected, there was... CONTINUE READING 35


Each stride in a jog or repetition in weight lifting becomes a lot easier with a great playlist. These health club–inspired hits can get your heart pumping and encourage just about anyone to get off the couch and head to the gym. Olivia Newton-John, “Physical” The “Physical” legacy demonstrates Olivia Newton-John’s transformation from good girl to sweaty siren. A song with such... CONTINUE READING 17

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