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7 Sensational Celebrity Beauty Brands

Do you ever go to a makeup counter and ask the consultant if she can recommend you a mascara that will give you mega-watt lashes like your favorite celebrity? Or how about a bold lip color that will draw more attention than Taylor Swift with a new guy? Finally, celebrities are realizing that they have... CONTINUE READING 4

10 Trendiest Pop Culture Costumes of 2012

Sure, you can go the store bought route and be a sexy kitten again this Halloween (yawnnn), but why not shake it up by taking costume cues from this year's biggest pop culture crazes and phases? From viral videos to reality show stars, hit songs to funny flicks, there's plenty of inspiration floating around for you to pull from this... CONTINUE READING 14

Less is More: 5 Fabulous Celebrity Make-Unders

Some of our favorite celebrities have a tendency of going a bit overboard with the makeup. They slab on the concealer, draw on their eyebrows and spend entirely too much time in the tanning booth. With all of the professional support celebrities have access to, you'd think someone would help them out. But too much makeup and an Oompa Loompa tan... CONTINUE READING 9

Reality Bites: Our Fave Guilty Pleasure Reality TV Shows

With the Olympics over and most of our favorite shows not returning until fall, we're in that unavoidable TV bout where all that's on anymore are can't-look-away car wreck-style reality shows. We know we should avert our eyes from the sheer horror of these truly terrible TV shows, we know that with every episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"... CONTINUE READING 10

Be Nice to New Jersey: Jersey Stereotypes Busted

When you think of New Jersey what comes to mind? Let me guess:  Snooki spraying her poof with hairspray and Danielle Staub reeking havoc on Jacqueline and Teresa’s friendship? Do you think of smog clouds and garbage everywhere? Why else would they call it Dirty Jerz? Well as a born and bred Jersey girl, I'm here... CONTINUE READING 3

How Bromantic: Our Fave Famous Guy-Pals

Ah, the bromance—that borderline obsessive bond two straight males can have with each other. Sure, sometimes being in the middle of one can be annoying, but I personally love the bromance. It shows that men can actually care for one another without resorting to faux machismo, and plus, when your beau’s hanging out with his bro, that gives you some... CONTINUE READING 9

C-List Celebs You Might Have a Chance With

Finding yourself in the midst of a quarter- or mid-life crisis ‘cause you’re not famous like you hoped you’d be? While I can’t guarantee you’ll ever (read: ever) hook up with Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling, there’s hope yet. Put down your “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” sheet music for The Voice (I know you’re actually tone deaf…) and read up... CONTINUE READING 35

5 Celebs We'd Want as Partners in Crime

As we note today’s Partner-in-Crime Girlfriends (have you told us why SHE is your Partner-in-Crime Girlfriend yet?), there are a few famous friends that we'd love to cause some troublesome tomfoolery with. From raucous reality TV mavens to calamitous comediennes, see our top five picks and share yours! -Cait Rohan Renee Graziano This fiercely loyal femme and Mob Wives star has had quite a... CONTINUE READING 55

Trouble for The Jersey Shore?

...Maybe for one (not-so) lovable cast member! Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, affectionately dubbed RonRon or Ronald, is still facing charges from getting into a physical altercation on camera when Jersey Shore was in its first season. Luckily, or not so luckily for Ron, the incident was caught on camera, so there's no doubt he's at fault. With the third season coming to an end... CONTINUE READING 16

Take a Break with 5 Funny Sites

It’s Friday afternoon, and you technically could reorganize your boss’ receipts into alphabetical order and be an overachiever, but that’s no fun. Click any (or all) of our site suggestions and get laughing instead! -Cait Rohan As an editor, I love autocorrect. But when it tries to change my name to Cat Roman or turn sick into Dick (proper noun, nickname for Richard)... CONTINUE READING 8