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by Bianca Logrono We don’t know how many more days we can bear wearing boots. When it comes to shoes we know: the limit does not exist.  So yes, we’re ahead of the game on spring shoes! We’re being optimistic and quite frankly tired of layering socks. Here’s a roundup of shoe trends that will be hitting the streets as the... CONTINUE READING 18


by Dani Frank Defaulting to espadrilles, sandals, wedges or even flip flops in the summer is pretty standard, and won’t get you too many stares unless you’re in need of a pedicure. Boots, on the other hand, draw the opposite reaction. Why stuff your foot inside a hot suede or leather garment when you don’t have to? Ankle boots are... CONTINUE READING 4

Studs & Liner: The Smashing Rocker Chic Combination

This fall, add to your leather and lace by making a warm welcome to studs and liner, a cool 'n' chic beauty combo that will bring out the riot grrrl inside of you. Cutting edge studs and spikes offer an edgy rocker-inspired look that is totally making headlines this fall, while a few rims of kohl around the eyes instantly... CONTINUE READING 10

7 Fab Frocks to Take You From Sandy Beach to City Street

If you want to plan your day at the beach without having to run home and change before you head to happy hour with the girls, having the right beach dress is ideal. You'll want to choose an outfit that can seamlessly go from a sandy beach to a night on the town, with fabrics that are the perfect balance... CONTINUE READING 10

Chic v. Cheesy Fourth of July Fashions

With Independence Day approaching, we can't help but be overwhelmed by all of the patriotic paraphernalia filling store shelves. While we love our country just as much as the next all-American girl, we do not love it when it looks like July 4th revelers simply wrapped an American flag around themselves as a makeshift dress!... CONTINUE READING 20

Bye-Bye Flip Flops! Say Hello To 8 Sexy Sandals For Summer

Back away from those boring flip flops! Flip flops are way too casual for the style statement you're planning on making this summer, but that doesn't mean that stilettos and wedges are your only option for completing your summer style. With the right look, a little dazzle and good design, a sexy flat sandal can be just the thing to... CONTINUE READING 9


Feeling festive? Well get ready to show off your favorite rainbow fashions because Pride Week kicks off nationwide tomorrow! If you're headed to a parade or Pride party this coming week, you don't want to be the one person in the crowd wearing plain ol' jeans and a T-shirt, now do you? Join the thousands of other ROYGBV revelers and... CONTINUE READING 6

April Showers Bring Fab Rainy Day Styles

Everybody knows that April showers bring May flowers, but you can still stay stylish while you're waiting for those blossoms to bloom. When those April rainy days take over and the sun wants to hide, there's no reason why you can't shine! Brighten those gloomy, rainy days by piecing together cute raingear that perfectly fits your personality. Whether you're girly,... CONTINUE READING 4

Sky-High: Spring Heels Reach New Heights

Cinderella knows best when it comes to accessorizing—no matter how fabulous the dress, it’s the shoe that makes the outfit. Since spring has sprung, I’ve decided to do some sole­-searching and the sky-high heels I’ve found are hotter than any glass slipper. Allow me to be your fairy godmother as I take you on this enchanting journey through bright colors,... CONTINUE READING 6

Spring's Fabbest Floral Footwear

Spring is right around the corner and floral prints are on the top of every trendy list. If you’re not crazy about floral prints on your clothing but still want to try this style out, adding a floral shoe to your wardrobe will make the perfect statement! If you want cute kicks you can dress up or dress down, the ALDO... CONTINUE READING 13

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