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Real-Life Princess Fashion: 6 Sensational Styles for Summer

It’s fair to say that almost every girl, at one point or another, has dreamed of having the lavish looks and life of a pretty, pretty princess. Well, since many of us won’t become actual crowned princesses (unless, of course, you pounce on still-single Prince Harry!), we can still gush over the fabulous fashions the royals are rocking. From... CONTINUE READING 11

Cubicle Quick Fix: Solving At-The-Office Beauty Disasters

The midday slump usually means it’s about time for a coffee break, but what do you when you glance in the mirror and those raccoon eyes are taking over? Or your hair is frizzing out of control, you have a run in your tights and a shiny forehead right before that important meeting. Cosmetic emergencies unfortunately don’t quite qualify as... CONTINUE READING 10

Safari Chic: Go Wild With Tribal Style

Join the style tribe this season by tackling one of spring's hottest trends: safari chic. Zebra, cheetah, tribal and safari-inspired styles were all over the runways for spring, with models from Michael Kors, Donna Karan, Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo looking like they stepped right out of Africa. With animal prints, African-inspired accessories and touches of tribal, you’ll be stylishly walking... CONTINUE READING 13

Prettify Your Pad For Spring

Spring's finally here and it's time to embrace all the beauty this season brings. But while we adore the crisp, warm, airy weather breezing through our cracked-open windows, why not bring some of that beauty indoors and reflect the season with fresh, funky decor to prettify your pad this spring. This way when nighttime falls, you can still feel like... CONTINUE READING 12

Dress Like Your Favorite Literary Heroine

The adage is that “art imitates life” but it’s hard not to imitate fashionable women; even those found in literature. Our favorite heroines aren’t just memorable because of what they did, but also what they wore while doing it. In honor of International Women's Day (today), I've listed a few of my favorite fashionable and fearless fictional females and how... CONTINUE READING 12

6 Great Sales: What Black Friday Sales to Actually Hit Up

Unless you’ve been living under Plymouth Rock, you know that the day after Thanksgiving, a.k.a. Black Friday, is one of the all-time biggest shopping days of the year! People start lining up right after Thanksgiving dinner in order to take advantage of "can't-miss" deals. Still, with all the sales going on, it can be a little difficult trying to decide... CONTINUE READING 7

Great Watches Just In Time for the Holidays (Under $80)

Black Friday—the biggest shopping day of the year—is next Friday! Whether you're after a gift for your mom, sister or BFF, or you just need a new timepiece to keep track of all those holidays plans (and want to look good while doing it!), watches should be at the top of your list. Here are a few faves for under... CONTINUE READING 12

5 Goth-Inspired Looks We're Into

Halloween will be a thing of the past in two weeks, but one thing that will be in all season long is dark, goth-inspired clothing. Yep, black doesn't have to be boring or businesslike. From combat boots to leather pants, here are five ways that you can rock edgy pieces well after All Hallows' Eve. -Samantha Sutton Leather Pants Leather pants are the... CONTINUE READING 18

4 Ways to Wear Statement Necklaces

Accessories are a great and inexpensive way to change up an outfit, and nothing has a more dramatic effect than a statement necklace. They first appeared in retail stores a few years ago, but their continued popularity is proof that they are here to stay! Not sure how to wear them? Here are four ideas for styling statement necklaces with... CONTINUE READING 17

Spring into Colored Denim

Banish those lingering winter blues by throwing on some colored denim! Sport 'em with spring wardrobe staples like flowy blouses, lightweight jackets, and simple t-shirts or tank tops. Look what I found for under $100.... Embrace your spring style with the pastel lilac Twill Denim Legging ($88) from BCBGeneration. Pair with a relaxed tank, pendant necklace, flowery espadrilles and lightweight jacket... CONTINUE READING 9

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