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We don’t go for violence in the real world, but when an actor takes a kickass role or two as a bad boy that’s a different story. Here, in no particular hotness order, are our favorite Hollywood bad boys. -Natalie Brown Russell Brand The man of many careers — comedian, actor, radio and television presenter, singer, columnist, and author — embodies his own character.... CONTINUE READING 13

Boy Toys: Pop Culture Presents He'll Absolutely Adore

Are you shaking in your cute ankle boots at the mere thought of picking the perfect present for your beau this holiday? Never fear, Shecky's is here with a gift guide full of awesome pop culture finds that he will hands-down love. No matter how well-intentioned, your main man isn't going to be bowled over by yet another cashmere sweater... CONTINUE READING 7

5 Famous Hotties Who Deserve The Sexiest Man Alive Title

Channing Tatum has deservedly won this year's coveted title of Sexiest Man Alive from People magazine (need a reminder why? Just watch Magic Mike!), and while we have absolutely zero gripes with their choice, there are a few more fellas that we feel also deserve to get the title in the near future. Come on Peeps, stop with the whole... CONTINUE READING 6

7 Reasons Thanksgiving's Actually Pretty Awesome

Sure, it may lack the beloved festive jams of Christmas (although, this new Rebecca Black-like "It's Thanksgiving" song is pretty epic, in the awesomely bad kind of way, of course) and the fun costumes and candy of Halloween, but Thanksgiving undeservedly gets a bad rap. Yes, you have to hang out with your fam and no, you don't get any... CONTINUE READING 3

10 On-Screen Spies We Wouldn't Mind Shagging

Sure, someone who pretty much lies for a living wouldn’t make the best boyfriend, but these fellas sure do make some tasty eye candy! Between their serious butt-kicking skills, mysterious quality and big guns (and yes, we’re talking about muscles), there’s just something so undeniably sexy about a spy, especially when they’re played by Hollywood hotties like Matt, George, Brad,... CONTINUE READING 12

5 Fun Fall Variations of the Classic Martini

Mr. Bond may have preferred his dry martinis shaken, not stirred, but we’re a lot less picky when it comes to picking our ‘tini tipples—we love them all! For your imbibing pleasure, we’ve curated fall-ready takes on the classic martini, packed with delicious autumnal flavors like caramel apples, pumpkin pie, in-season pomegranate, maple syrup and—wait for it—candied bacon. Oh yes,... CONTINUE READING 12

Style Steal: Get the Bond Girl Look

Can you believe it’s been 50 years since James Bond first appeared on the big screen? That’s five whole decades of shooting people, saving the world and seducing the ladies. Speaking of the ladies, that’s also five whole decades of Bond girls, those bad-ass bombshell babes who definitely did some shooting and seducing of their... CONTINUE READING 16

Sexy Guy Halloween Costumes That Get Us Going

Remember how excited you were when you came up with the perfect Halloween costume this year? Well, here's a whole new reason to get excited about Halloween: men’s costumes. Guys often get overlooked in the shadows of our show-stealing outfits, but we gotta hand it to them—they look damn fine in these handsome get-ups. Move over, men in uniforms. We... CONTINUE READING 9

Famous Irish Hotties We Heart

Sure, the luck of the Irish might be commonly associated with pots ‘o gold, rainbows and tiny green guys with red hair, but there are a good lot of Gaelic-blooded guys whose gorgeousness makes me believe in magical four-leaf clovers. Important to note: many of them have played superheroes/bad asses. Coincidence? I think not. Here are Irish-born and Irish-American boys... CONTINUE READING 17

I’m a Girl…and I Like Video Games

Today, we're celebrating our Always-Logged-On Girlfriends (have you voted in our National Girlfriend Awards yet?), so imagine our surprise when we heard that one of our very own Shecky's Staffers was games. And this Staffer is a girl (we already knew about the obsession guys have with gaming, duh!). Read her story, and tell us if you're a gamer... CONTINUE READING 32

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