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It's that time of year again—time to stock your closet with your loveliest, lushest looks of the season, simply primed to party time! To get you Girl Scout-style prepared for the many festive fetes that will be filling your calender these next few weeks, we've got plenty of haute party-ready finds, from festive frocks to embellished clutches, flirty fringe to... CONTINUE READING 16

10 Great Gift Ideas For Your Manly Man

Oh yes, it's time to talk about one of the most notoriously hard-to-shop-for species: the male. Your mom, your sister, your best girlfriends—all of those are a mere cakewalk during gift-buying season compared to the sheer panic that is buying your boyfriend the perfect present. To help you take on mission impossible, we've enlisted gift-giver extraordinaire Dana Holmes from CONTINUE READING 16

Tinsel For Your Closet, Not Your Christmas Tree

You've already decked out that tree with blinking lights, passed-down family ornaments and tier upon tier of tinsel, but now it's time to infuse your wardrobe with some of that same holiday spirit. Okay, so wrapping yourself up in Christmas lights is a tad overkill, but you can go to town with tinsel-festooned fashions for the holidays. From cozy 'n'... CONTINUE READING 2

7 Faux Fur Must-Haves For Winter

There's no chicer way to warm up in winter than by wrapping a luxe, lush fur around your shoulders, but real fur costs major bucks and frankly we don't want to pull a Cher Horowitz and skin a collie for our fashions! Get the posh fur look with no harm to your beloved Fido or bank account with fabulous fur... CONTINUE READING 6

Wrap Yourself in Quilted Fashions For Winter

Winter is a time to warm up with a quilt by the fire, but what about those times when we finally have to venture outside and brace the frigid cold? That's where quilted fashions come in! Quilted textures are popping up on everything from seasonal staples like sweaters, rainboots and winter hats to even cool accessories like baubles and clutches.... CONTINUE READING 4

Haute High: 7 Stylish Varsity Jackets You'll Absolutely Love

Okay. Close your eyes. Remember everything about your super cute varsity jacket you had in high school? Come on, ya know you had one or at least dreamed of being as cool as the letterman jacket-sporting Sally Smith! Well this season, varsity-chic has never been more in vogue, so what better time to stroll down preppy lane? From vintage... CONTINUE READING 8

Fall Favorites: Beauty, Fashion, Food, Oh My!

Yay, it’s finally fall time beauties! And to commemorate the spicy autumn season, I’m sharing some of my current fall obsessions I simply can’t live without. From my party girl favorites to my vampy fashionista must-haves, check out all the beauty, fashion and food happenings on my mind! The Party Girl Duo: Eppa Sangria + LaCroix Grapefruit Who doesn’t love... CONTINUE READING 12

Go For Baroque (Without Going Broke!)

Sweeping, stylish embroideries inspired by 16th century paintings and architecture have popped up all over the place on this season's runways and we have to admit, it was love at first sight for us fashion gurus! Embellishments, metallic fabrics, brocades—the baroque trend has it all and more. One thing to keep in mind: with this trend, less is definitely more.... CONTINUE READING 4

5 Pretty Peter Pan Collar Pieces

Who would have thought that a source of this fall’s fashion inspiration would come direct from a children’s story?! Designers went straight to Neverland and came up with a hot new fashion trend: the Peter Pan collar! Youthful and fun, the style graces the neckline of your favorite tops, jackets and dresses this season–no neck wear necessary! But if you’re... CONTINUE READING 1

11 Runway-Ready Fall Trends to Stock Up On Now

You may be sad to see the summer end so soon, but with the change of seasons comes the change of wardrobe, and that is certainly nothing to be sad about! This fall is all about structure, pattern, color and texture. The neons and pastels of summer have turned into deep reds and winter whites, while the short shorts have... CONTINUE READING 10