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How to Host a Perfect Pop-Up Dinner Party

What better way to bid farewell to this fabulous summer than by throwing your very own pop-up dinner party? Pop-up restaurants have been, well, popping up all over cities like Portland’s Cruz, San Fran’s FoodLab and Brighton in Manhattan, with famous toques temporarily taking over a space for a night here, a week there, to create a spontaneous dinner party... CONTINUE READING 18

Great Gifts To Bring To A July 4 BBQ

It's almost time to bust out the grill and enjoy the independence of our beautiful country with family and friends! At this time of the year, BBQs are a dime a dozen but the question remains: what can you bring to make this BBQ the standout of the summer season—and enjoyable for you! It doesn't have to be red, white,... CONTINUE READING 8

“When Sad, Sing”

Happy Hump Day! We know the middle of the week can be a drag, so we're introducing our bi-weekly series of inspiring posters from best-selling author Karen Salmansohn. Karen brings fun nuggets of self-help advice on her blog daily (or more than daily!) on AN EDITORS' TAKE: As the old adage goes, "there's no use crying over spilled milk." Yes, I've... CONTINUE READING 6

7 Staycation Tech Essentials

You deserve a vacation. Of course, deserve and afford are two different things. Is this trip you want really necessary? Probably not. However, everyone could use some time away from the daily grind. A staycation allows you to get away without really getting away. That said, it would be a little nicer with a shiny new gadget, right? Since technology... CONTINUE READING 15


Still don't have a gift for your man? Use this weekend wisely and go shopping for guy-friendly gadgets. If he doesn’t already have an iPhone, Android, iPod or iPad, I would beeline to Best Buy for the best deals. Not exciting enough for ya? Check out my top five techie picks for V-Day presents and swipe your card! If you... CONTINUE READING 13


Why let boys have all the fun when it comes to technology? With sparkle and sass, these gadgets have the ultimate girlie edge and are the perfect way to make any technology-obsessed guy (cough, every man) jealous. Plus, we’re betting these are the types of gifts your guy will actually want to get you for Valentine’s Day. -Cait Rohan Best Hostessing Gadget:... CONTINUE READING 16

5 Best Fitness Investments for 2011

Let’s face it. There are very few people who enjoy working out. I know this because I am one of them. However, speaking from experience (I just ran my first ever half-marathon), I can say that exercising truly makes every aspect of your life better. That said, here are my recommendations for great fitness products that make working out fun! While other... CONTINUE READING 14


Last week, Sunshine62441 told us that on manic Mondays she puts on her iPod to get her through the day. This week, our Shecky’s Staffers compiled a playlist of all of our favorite songs that will be getting us (and you!) through the start of the week. Put some of our suggestions on your 'pod, and then tell us your must-listens. We left... CONTINUE READING 16


It seems that my boyfriend and I are forever fighting over "our" iPod, and while I may humor his view that it is a 'shared' appliance, the truth is that it's mine! I am not in the slighest bit ashamed of my musical tastes (I frequently whine to Mumford & Sons and screech out to Gaga) but seeing as my boyfriend... CONTINUE READING 9


Once inside, I find models listening to their iPods while two or three people at a time dote on their faces and appendages. Everyone wears black, most shirts emblazoned with “NP,” indicating direct affiliation with the show. Lots of cameras and a few other notebooks skirt the edges of the scene. The entire team seems to be warm and friendly. Stylists... CONTINUE READING 14

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