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We're still celebrating Women’s Small Business Month, so we wanted to spotlight some women who've taken that first lightbulb of an idea and worked away on it till it was reality, inspiring all of us to take action and do the same. We may throw Girls Night Outs across America, but we've included some finds from across the pond too.... CONTINUE READING 9


This Music Monday, we at Shecky's wanted to introduce you to Heather Park, a true stand-out in the singing world. Her second album Stay just debuted and we were fortunate enough to ask Park some questions about her Korean background, her inspiring lyrics and her music career. SHECKY'S: Your new album is about "love learned, lost and reborn," can you elaborate... CONTINUE READING 4


Women's Small Business Month is in its last week, so this Monday Motivator is dedicated to all the women who have made and continue to make a difference in the world. Big or small, chicas contribute to the well-being of the planet on a daily basis, and on this Monday we want to give all of them a shout-out! We would... CONTINUE READING 7


October is National Women's Small Business Month, which Shecky's practically celebrates year-round as hundreds of the vendors and businesses you meet at Girls Night Out are...started by women! If you have that itch to start a business, don't rule out the non-profit sector or finding a cause that your for-profit can support. Think about what is meaningful to you...what is... CONTINUE READING 11


I used to be a fashion hoarder. There, I said it, I am not ashamed! At one point I owned maybe 50 coats, 60 pairs of jeans, 100 dresses...and let's not get started on the accessories and beauty products. I would store, hide and stuff every real estate I owned...clutches in bookshelves, you name it! We're not talking the extreme of... CONTINUE READING 12


Spark is an organization (by women and for women!) that’s just branching out from the West Coast nest where it started in San Francisco and carving a brand-new niche in NYC (viva Women’s Small Business Month!). This not-for-profit brings ideas and funds to women all over the world in an effort to make real change in real women’s lives. The coolest... CONTINUE READING 15


This next artist needs no introduction...well, sort of. You may not recognize her name right away, but listen to her songs and you'll realize that she sounds hauntingly familiar. That's because Scottish-born, Grammy-nominated Angela McCluskey sang on quite a few popular commercials for Mitsubishi's Outlander, Schick Quattro and American Express. We snagged an interview with this ethereal artist, who is... CONTINUE READING 12


Not shocking, I get introduced to MANY women-oriented charities and non-profits, but Nest ( touched me deeply for several reasons, which is why I joined their board of trustees a year ago. 1. The founder Rebecca Kousky reminded me of myself at 24. Fresh out of school...with huge dreams and unstoppable determination. 2. Nest gives women in underprivileged countries a chance to start... CONTINUE READING 17


It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the pure fashion aspect of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, but what about the photographers who so perfectly catch those models going down the runway? Without them, discovering next season’s latest and greatest would be limited only to those who actually attended the shows…and every daydreaming fashionista knows that's not fair. Shecky’s got the... CONTINUE READING 8


Claudia here! I know you're expecting me to say how much I love Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week...but it's actually one of the most stressful weeks of my year!!! Why? I fall behind on my workload, and with invitations flooding my inbox, it's impossible to choose which shows to go to because there are so many fantastic ones. Plus taxis are impossible... CONTINUE READING 14