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Claudia’s New Year’s Resolutions 2011 (Week 3: My Social Responsibility)

January means a fresh start and resolutions for 2011. This year, I am seriously committing to a healthier me—inside and out! I have loads on my to-do list, and I’m sharing everything with you in a four-week series throughout the month of January. Week three is all about resolutions to live with a better conscious to give back. See how I’m... CONTINUE READING 17

Volunteer and Spark Change with Catchafire

Ever thought about doing charitable work but had no idea where to start? My girlfriend, Rachael Chong, has developed the perfect resource for you. Not only does Rachael’s organization, Catchafire, help you pick a charity, it also uses your skill set to match you with pro bono work that specifically speaks to your interests and expertise. Afraid you don't have enough... CONTINUE READING 34

Love Your Curves Like Mae West

From Claudia’s resolution to better her body with Sheila Kelley’s S Factor this year, to any of our exercise articles, you know how important self-love and being healthy is here at Shecky’s. And as many of you also know, Mae West was an early 20th century screen siren who was full of sass and not afraid to speak up about her curves. That’s... CONTINUE READING 15

Make a Girl the First with She’s the First!

When we featured Asha Patel (read: raved), we mentioned that one of the bracelets Patel makes and sells benefits She’s the First. We were intrigued and did a little more research on this organization. While attending school may seem like a necessity, it is actually an unaffordable luxury for many underprivileged young women. She's the First promotes media awareness of this... CONTINUE READING 10

Find a Happier New You with Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabrielle and I first met almost a decade ago—she was a publicist for various New York City bars and the focus of Shecky's at that time was the NYC nightlife scene. A decade ago is a lifetime, but what’s pretty wild about reflecting back is just how much we both evolved as women and entrepreneurs. The old adage is true: It... CONTINUE READING 13

Meet S Factor’s Sheila Kelley & Release Your “Sexy Inner Power”

You might know actor Sheila Kelley from her role as Debbie Hunt in the 1992 film Singles or her character Zoe on LOST. Perhaps you recall her from other hits like ER, L.A. LAW, or a recent episode of Hawaii Five-O? Well, this talented woman’s passions include a lot more than just acting and filmmaking. Sheila is the creator and founder... CONTINUE READING 13

Claudia Gets Fresh with Alina Roytberg

My first Fresh encounter was a few years ago when I got their Fig Apricot Eau de Parfum as a gift. My love of the scent, quality and packaging lured me into their SoHo boutique where I discovered Fresh's beautifully wrapped soaps. I don’t know if it's the sugar, lychee or sake they use in their products, but every “fresh” thing... CONTINUE READING 12

Girlfriend Fun Guide: San Francisco

I love San Francisco because it’s a city small enough to eat and walk your way through… so you’re burning off the calories as you go. I’m looking forward to visiting again next week for Girls Night Out San Francisco on December 9-10, followed by a long weekend in Napa at Villagio Inn & Spa. Must ask my girlfriend Alyssa Rapp,... CONTINUE READING 8


I've already told you how excited I was for Girls Night Out Miami, and the things I spotted certainly did not disappoint. From board games to Beauty at Its Best winners, see what I found! -Claudia Chan I'm a firm believer that it's never too early to start being a businesswoman. I was so impressed with 12-year-old (!!!) Nicky who thought up... CONTINUE READING 17


I know the holidays are all about giving and receiving, and I'm pretty jolly that Nest gives you a chance to enjoy both sides—you shop for beautifully hand-crafted items, and the proceeds will help empower impoverished women. WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? The name "Nest"  from "Build A Nest" has a bit of a double meaning. The site is a great place... CONTINUE READING 12