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A Fashionista Who’s Making Sweatpants Chic

Admit it. No matter how many Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week shows you've attended in your lifetime, you still run out to get Ben and Jerry's in ratty old sweats. ...No one will see you, right?! Yeah, yeah, until you run into your ex looking like an urchin. Solve the unchic-sweatpants dilemma that has plagued womankind for centuries with Elana Brynes' Kings... CONTINUE READING 13

Nest Success Story: Kaya

You've already met Rebecca Kousky, the inspiring woman behind Nest, so you'll be psyched for our monthly edition of Nest Success Stories. What is a Nest Success Story? Read on to find out how Nest's unique microbarter system empowers women to thrive in impoverished areas. And don't forget to check back next month for another amazing story! At just 12... CONTINUE READING 14

Comedienne Hilary Winston: Secrets for Success…and Revenge!

What would you do if your boyfriend wrote a book calling you his “fat-assed girlfriend” (and worse)? If you’re anything like Hilary Winston, you’d write a book called My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me (Sterling, $17.95) in response. But Hilary doesn't just have the most kick-a revenge story of all time (see the video for the deets!). As a writer and producer... CONTINUE READING 16

365 Bottles of Refreshment – Metromint Contest Winner

Remember when we asked you which Metromint variety best described your personality? Well, it was tough to pick a winner (we had to sift though thousands of awesome entries!), but we finally settled on one! Meet Andrea P., and see her winning entry below. Variety: Peppermint water (bold, vibrant and refreshing!) "I am very active and energetic. I love to run, rollerblade, ride my... CONTINUE READING 16

The Woman Behind an Amazing Healthy Drink Brand

It's (unofficially!) summer, so it's no surprise that we're thirsty. Yes, there are vending machines full of sodas and sugary energy drinks, but what we're about to uncover is a delicious and healthy drink brand, based in a small Connecticut town. The town might be small, but Simply Originals’ message and taste is anything but. Hear Meghan Varas' refreshing story, and... CONTINUE READING 8

Stefani Greenfield: Weaving Together Business Smarts & Style

 While we certainly admire Stefani Greenfield for her extraordinary fashion sense, we love her for her business acumen. This fashionista spent her early career building brands like DKNY and Esprit until a friend inspired Greenfield to turn her fashion sense into a booming enterprise. The Greenfield foray into entrepreneurship began with the (now) wildly popular boutique Scoop and continues with... CONTINUE READING 5

"Female" Skills You May Not Know About

Senate Joint Economic Committee's 2010 report, "Invest in Women, Invest in America.” Companies with the most women on their boards post 66% higher returns on invested capital, and 42% higher returns on sales than companies with the fewest women represented. Fortune 500 companies that promote women to senior roles consistently outperform their competitors. In fact, the report concludes, female leadership is... CONTINUE READING 5

The Fashion Industry’s BFF

The fashion industry may seem like a confusing tangle of runway shows, stilettos and demanding bosses. Melissa McGraw not only knows this world well, she wants to help others discover it, too. After spending 15 years in the industry in various positions, she's started her own venture, The Fashion Potential, to help advise and connect those hoping to break into... CONTINUE READING 5

A Beauty Entrepreneur (Thanks to Oprah!)

So many of us dream of starting businesses, but there's usually a major stumbling block: money! Five years ago, Kiley Russell was an unassuming assistant principal when she went to see the Oprah show. Lucky for her, it was the very episode that Oprah gifted the entire audience with a Pontiac G6. Having no need for a new car, Kiley... CONTINUE READING 10

National Volunteer Week: Diahann Billings-Burford

Happy National Volunteer Week! We've already introduced you to Catchafire, and we were so happy to see their Powerful Women series profiling women who give pro bono, that we had to share a few favorites with you! As the nation’s first-ever municipal Chief Service Officer, and the leader of NYC Service, the City’s initiative to promote a new era of ... CONTINUE READING 4