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Normally we put fashionistas and entrepreneurs, Jennifer Diana and Melissa McGraw from, to work by contributing weekly stories about successful style. This time, we turned the tables and got the scoop behind their own personal success and style. Shecky’s: How did you meet each other? Jennifer: We were taking a class on website design at FIT. We teamed... CONTINUE READING 10


Los Angeles-based designer, Calleen Cordero, is truly an artist. Her line, Calleen Cordero, mixes metal pieces, stones and dark colors with tribal lines and old-Western patterns. The result is unexpected and stunning, reminding us that the skyscrapers of L.A. are only a stone’s throw away from the desolate desert. It is this unique combination, plus her hard work ethic and... CONTINUE READING 5

Belt It Out
June 10, 2010

Newsflash: Belts are no longer just a piece of leather to keep your pants up! Right now, waist-cinchers are a necessary accessory to pulling any and every outfit together. Designers Lisa Shaub (you remember, one of the fabulous ) and Shelbee Teller believed in the power of belts, so they created Elesti, an impeccably engineered line of leather belts, clutches and  for the... CONTINUE READING 10


Country/R&B singer Mary McBride might be best described with a simple equation. Take a soulful voice finely suited to sing every patron of a New York dive bar into a musical coma. Add in the legacy of Merle Haggard and Janis Joplin. Factor in a taste for musical theater. Subtract the striving for corporate success tracks—and you’ll get Mary McBride. From... CONTINUE READING 4


For those of you who don't know Beth Ostrosky Stern, she's one of the sweetest and most genuine A-listers I've ever met! Our friendship started with a chance encounter when Beth, who was dating my ex-neighbor and her now husband, Howard Stern, saw my Victoria's Secret bag (shocker—I'm obsessed!), and we bonded from there. After meeting her adorable bull dog,... CONTINUE READING 9


Jen and Jenny are just as brilliant as they are stylish BFFs (they might have the only closet I covet more than Carrie's!). The two girlfriends essentially created Netflix for Fashion—a members-only site that allows women to rent luxury and couture dresses and accessories for a fraction of the price. Yes, that means your bridesmaids can wear Nicole Miller dresses... CONTINUE READING 9


I love Irina Shabayeva's insane talent for making clothes come to life (obsessed with the feathers theme for fall!), but I'm even more impressed by how incredibly humble she is about her Project Runway fame. Her passion for fashion, her intense imagination, and the seriousness she applies to her work, makes her an inspiration to designers everywhere. For more on Irina,... CONTINUE READING 10