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Here at Shecky’s, we’re all about girl power and demystifying the myth that men are stronger than women (umm, we can do your job in five-inch Louboutins!). So, it’s no wonder that we were so intrigued when we got word of Girl Up!, a cutesy but hard-hitting take on the phrase “man up!” said when one needs to step up... CONTINUE READING 14


When I think STL, I think beer capital Anheuser-Busch, Wash U's Bears since my boyfriend's dad played for the team, hometown to my girlfriend founder Rebecca Kousky and Great Day STL that I was on last year. St. Louis may not get a lot of hype, but it's a great hidden gem for many reasons: 1. Everything seems to be free here! The... CONTINUE READING 16


10. The Real Housewives of Atlanta This fall season, the ladies of Atlanta will be back with more drama and more headlines, proving they still keep us glued to the tube. The show will debut October 4 on Bravo with new women, new lovers and more catfights. And we thought the Jersey girls were leading the RH rumor mill.... PSST! Click through to... CONTINUE READING 19


Yep, something as serious as a busted marriage gets a sunny side with this site discovered by our girlfriends over at DailyWorth. Hear us out: He took the toolbox. You took the flat-screen. Break-ups are a bummer, but DivorceCandy has a solution. Set up a Divorce party and register! Possibly the only website to make going splitsville seem like fun, DivorceCandy has articles... CONTINUE READING 14


Hey ladies, We’ve created a site guide to show YOU, our fabulous users, how to best use our new site. Check back every Tuesday on Shecky’s Buzz to get the scoop on a new topic. In this edition, we’re giving you the FYI on all of the new content in our revamped sections. No Boys Allowed “He did WHAT?!” For love worriers and warriors alike,... CONTINUE READING 19


Let’s face it: we’ve all woken up feeling fat, ugly and completely unsexy before, whether we’re 25 or 45. That’s why it’s both refreshing and inspiring to see women who aren’t just comfortable but proud of their bodies—and they want to spread their good vibes to others. We found an amazing movement that’s empowering women in an easy and unique way. Operation... CONTINUE READING 23


I want to introduce you to an incredible woman who is not only an accomplished entrepreneur—she has also redefined skincare and is an avid philanthropist dedicated to helping women and children in need. Her name is Jane Wurwand and she is the founder of Dermalogica, a leading, no-frills product choice for skincare professionals and consumers worldwide. But her story doesn’t just... CONTINUE READING 20


In honor of the National Girlfriend Awards and today’s Best Dressed Girlfriend Award (VOTE NOW!), we scoped out a fashion business run by girlfriends...and sisters! Danielle and Jodie Snyder always had a passion for jewelry. They started small, designing gems for themselves, friends and family, and ultimately opened up their first store in their hometown, Jacksonville, Florida. Flash forward... CONTINUE READING 9


Thinking about today’s Best Successful Girlfriend Crew (don’t forget to nominate—winners and the girls who nominate them get fab goodies!) had us wondering about our office environments. One Staffer worked with (almost!) all women at one point. She shares the surprising lessons she learned from her all-girl gig. “At one of my jobs, the company was small, close-knit and all chicks—save... CONTINUE READING 32


Ever feel like you’re earning less than you deserve? Want to ask your boss for a raise or promotion but not sure you’re worth it? Gabrielle Bernstein and DailyWorth know you are. Hear Gabrielle tell us why you are worth more money and how you should negotiate, plus get more of her inspiring self-worth tips. Visit for more and tune... CONTINUE READING 17