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Must-Buys For...Your Coworkers

With holiday shopping season upon us, it's time to make a list, and not just for yourself. Remember: giving can be far more rewarding than receiving, especially if you're presenting loved ones with unique, off-the-beaten-path, knock-your-socks-off gifts. In order to ensure your gifts impress (and elicit effusive "thank you's") this year, we've come up with some genius ideas for the... CONTINUE READING 8


Self help seems to be in season this spring. Fashion insider's are dishing on the do's and don'ts that are necessary to make it in the industry and how to mind your manners. You’ve probably seen her shredding the wanna-be fashionistas to pretty little pieces on MTVs The City and The Hills, but for public relations maven Kelly Cutrone its not... CONTINUE READING 1