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A Non-Sports Fan's Guide to March Madness Fun

March is the best month of the year. The weather starts warming up, the days get longer and there’s a holiday designated for non-stop drinking and partying (which also happens to be my birthday, so I apologize for my blatant bias!). Oh yeah, and March Madness…. If you don’t follow college ball at all, don’t fret because you can still... CONTINUE READING 6


We love the New Year…a clean slate and an opportunity to refresh and renew lies ahead. But, we also know that the turning of the clock doesn’t create that greatness…YOU have to get in your own dating game, in a BIG way, if you want to win at it. So, say goodbye to love lost or never found in 2011... CONTINUE READING 13


So, you started out the year single? Don’t sit around and stew over a bad breakup or that gorg guy you went on one date with who never called after. It’s 2012, and even though dating-related resolutions are kind of lame, it’s never a bad time to put yourself out there for the man of your dreams to suddenly sweep... CONTINUE READING 20

Pick-Up Lines: What’s Cheesy, Sleazy and Actually Cute

Getting picked up happens to every woman. You could be single, blatantly out with your boyfriend or have a wedding ring glittering on your finger—guys have no shame. Our Shecky's Staffers (kept anonymous to protect innocent victims) weighed in on some of the best (er, worst?) one-liners they've ever heard. Plus, we've added snappy comebacks that'll surprise your wannabe suitors... CONTINUE READING 22

Bye-Bye Summer Love, Hello Fresh Faces!

Summer may feel like a long-lost dream now that your tan has faded and you’ve swapped those booty shorts for cardigans. And if you’re like many other daters, you may also be in the process of saying good-bye to a hot summer romance. And that’s a good thing! No matter how steamy your summer fling was, now is the time to... CONTINUE READING 22

A Wing Girl for Guys

Let’s face it, ladies—we are extremely charming, beautiful and intelligent, so it should come as no surprise that a lot of men are too intimidated to approach the women they’re interested in. Enter Marni Kinrys, founder of The Wing Girl Method. Marni doesn’t feed guys pick-up lines, she gives them advice about how we think and what we really want.... CONTINUE READING 12

6 Graphic Tees that Will Scare Any Guy Away

Graphic tees can be fun (and comfortable) to wear, but there is a point when the message you're sending on the clothes you're wearing can tell more about you then the public needs to know. Here are six graphic tees whose messages could scare any guy away.  1. "Same shirt, different day" tee (Same Shirt Different Day Tee, $12.80 from Forever 21).... CONTINUE READING 27

Meet a Guy This Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend means red, white and blue, and BBQs…plus tons of chances to meet a new man, whether he's a stranger you spy at a waterfront bar or a friend-of-a-friend you meet at a parade party. Check out our snappy Memorial Day takes on your usual conversation starters. We’re sure you’ll have a fella to watch the fireworks with. Compliment... CONTINUE READING 12

Social Media Jerk

Have you ever had an annoying social media-related guy experience? I just had my first on Twitter. A few weeks ago, I was at home on a Saturday night annoyed that the only thing I could find to watch on TV were shows about single women getting murdered. As a single woman who lives by herself and is at home... CONTINUE READING 15

Which Online Dating Site is Right for You?

The most obvious affect the web has had on the dating scene is the ability to search online for a soulmate, a date, even just a hook-up. But which dating sites are successful? Fun? Dangerous? We’ve looked at some of the top sites for meeting people so you can decide which one is right for you. IF YOU'RE AFTER A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP/MAYBE MARRIAGE: The... CONTINUE READING 8