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Soak in the Season: Fall-Inspired Bath Buys

Nothing's better on a chilly fall day than a hot bath. Now that every day is cold and windy, you're sure to be warming up in the shower or bath a lot more. We discovered a few autumn-inspired beauty products that will make your bath that much more enticing! From bath bombs to salts to body washes, these bath babies... CONTINUE READING 9

How to Host a Perfect Pop-Up Dinner Party

What better way to bid farewell to this fabulous summer than by throwing your very own pop-up dinner party? Pop-up restaurants have been, well, popping up all over cities like Portland’s Cruz, San Fran’s FoodLab and Brighton in Manhattan, with famous toques temporarily taking over a space for a night here, a week there, to create a spontaneous dinner party... CONTINUE READING 18

Easy Make-Your-Own Makeup Recipes for Summer

Every makeup maven knows that you have to update your makeup bag to fit the season’s trendiest colors and textures, but that doesn’t mean you have to drop dough to make the makeup swap from spring to summer! Save your money and instead make that crossover to summer’s essential beauty looks with homemade makeup. Ran out of shave gel before... CONTINUE READING 7

Desserts to Bake for Every Type of Girlfriend

I’ve always been told, “You are what you eat,” but what does that mean? Well, there are some foods that can actually be put together to please a certain "type" of person. And I know you deal with a lot of different personalities (maybe sometimes from yourself...) on a daily basis. In honor of International Women's Day (today!) and as... CONTINUE READING 8


New Year’s Eve was a blast, but you can probably see the by-products of all that fun just by looking at your hair, face, thighs…. Yes, holiday burnout and weight gain have come to haunt us again now that a new year is here. Feel like you need a serious beauty detox? Make buying these Beauty at Its Best-winning products... CONTINUE READING 12

5 Fave Football Recipes

Are you ready for some football…food? NFL kickoff was last Thursday, and while some of us ladies were too busy at Fashion's Night Out to pay close attention, there’s no excuse now that the NFL and college football seasons are in full swing! What to make when you host your own football-viewing soiree or head to a tailgate before a... CONTINUE READING 33

Sole-Savers for Spring-Ready Feet

Hi ladies! We may have different skin tones, different hair types and different product preferences, but we all have feet! Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it's time to start taking care of those tootsies. Strappy sandals will be here in no time, so get your toes spotlight-worthy with these sole-savers. There are few things as off-putting as... CONTINUE READING 14

4 Healthy Takes on Holiday Cocktails

Holiday desserts and dishes aren’t the only things that have you packing on the pounds—don’t forget that drinks have calories too! See our healthier-for-you cocktail finds and share how you drink smart this season. -Cait Rohan A hot toddy is more than just a nod to Usher’s song feat. Jay-Z. This cocktail warms inside and out with germ-fighting honey and an average... CONTINUE READING 14


It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter…really? Yep, pretty soon, that white stuff is going to fall, the temps will hover near freezing and you’ll be holed up inside sipping cocoa by a crackling fire. But before you get all sentimental for that frigid season, be forewarned: Winter is not kind to your ‘do. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled... CONTINUE READING 11