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Say Thanks This Thanksgiving with Sweet Stationery

Thanksgiving is a time when most give thanks to the people and moments that have enriched their lives throughout the year. Many family and friends gather over a delicious spread of food, fun and laughter, but while there are many highly regarded traditions that take place during this time of the year, there is one tradition that I look forward... CONTINUE READING 2

Give a Treat, Not a Trick: 5 Halloween Gift Ideas

Halloween is the one day that everyone can dress up in costume, eat mountains of candy, scare the bejeesus people and chalk it all up to tradition. Nowadays, Halloween is as much for the kids as the adults, so I'm celebrating my sharing gifts that are slanted more towards adult-friendly gatherings (spiked witches brew, anyone?) but could be given to... CONTINUE READING 11

5 Gifts For Your Last Beach Trip of Summer

Summer is coming to a close and while we knew it was coming, there are plenty of things to miss about the season, from sultry days by the pool to snow cones and walks on the beach. Wait...walks on the beach?! Do you think you can squeeze in one last beach trip before fall beckons everyone indoors? We think so!... CONTINUE READING 8

Great Gifts To Bring To A July 4 BBQ

It's almost time to bust out the grill and enjoy the independence of our beautiful country with family and friends! At this time of the year, BBQs are a dime a dozen but the question remains: what can you bring to make this BBQ the standout of the summer season—and enjoyable for you! It doesn't have to be red, white,... CONTINUE READING 8

Father's Day Gift Guide: Cool Gift Ideas for Dad

Instead of getting dad a tie for the fifth year in a row this Father’s Day, why not get him something a little more off the beaten path but still seriously awesome and special? From talking grill thermometers for when he’s manning the ‘cue to golf club cooler caddies for summer days spent at the 18th hole, here are a... CONTINUE READING 10

Five Great Gifts Mom Will Love

Mother's Day is drawing near and it's time to show your mom some love. These budget-friendly ideas will not break the bank but they will bring a smile to your mother's face. From sweet-smelling candles to delivered-to-your-door beauty products, there is something on this list (all under $40) that every mom will enjoy, not just on Mother's Day but for... CONTINUE READING 4

Perfect Gifts for Every Spring Party

From tomorrow's Easter gatherings to outdoor dinner parties, spring brings all sorts of fun occasions. After all, there's nothing like kicking back with a refreshing drink in your hand, chatting with family, friends and maybe even meeting a new fling for spring while enjoying that warm spring weather. But whether the party takes place beachside, in a backyard or in... CONTINUE READING 5

Gifts to Greet Spring

Spring is coming and we need to be prepped to welcome it with open arms! Here are a few gifts to help you greet the season with a smile, whether you're buying for yourself or someone else. ORGANIZE: Keep your pretty going well past spring with Fossil's Key Per Frame Cosmetic Case ($35 on You can add all your new coral,... CONTINUE READING 10

V-Day Gifts for the Ladies in Your Life

Who says Valentine's Day has to be all about "the boy"? Not me! Women impact our everyday lives and Valentine's Day is great way to show them some love. Here are a few gifts for the those fab females that literally made you (ummm…hi, Mom!) and those other ladies in your life that make the world go round! For Mom: Did Mom always... CONTINUE READING 13


While I don't do resolutions, I think it's great to make a goal list. One of the bullet points that always makes my list (and my friends' lists!) is to be healthy. To me, that means eating better and amping up my exercise. When gifting, there's a fine line between being supportive and seeming critical when you buy someone a... CONTINUE READING 10

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