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The People’s Choice Awards may not be the most accurate guide to who will take home the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Emmys this year -- but the stars always manage to put on their game faces, along with some of their most exciting and fun red carpet looks of the year. Kicking off the 2013 awards season right, here are... CONTINUE READING 2

Halloween in Hollywood: Best Celeb Costumes Ever

We like to think that we craft up some pretty impressive Halloween costumes, but could you imagine how creative a get-up we could make if we had the money and resources of a Hollywood A-lister? After all, celebrities already make a living out of pretending to be somebody else, so it's no surprise that they break out all their tricks... CONTINUE READING 20

Emmys 2012 Fashion: Faves, Fails & Mermaid Tails

We're just going to throw it out there—the Emmys were pretty boring this year, no? No real watercooler chat-worthy moments, no super shocking award upstages, no surprise streakers. It was predictable, pleasant but pretty vanilla overall. Thankfully we had great moments on the red carpet to distract from the less-than-great moments on the stage, with stylish stars turning it out... CONTINUE READING 20

Best of Emmys 2012 Beauty

Were you swooning Sunday night over the super glam outfits and beauty of the 2012 Emmy Awards? We sure were! To complete the perfect look, the right hair and makeup can make all the difference between total hit and a total red carpet disaster. Though it’s hard to choose who looked best last night, it’s safe to say that the... CONTINUE READING 5

A Beauty Expert's Fashion Week Emergency Makeup Kit

For all you Fashion Week virgins (like yours truly!), the prospect of attending the biggest week known to fashion-forward kind is kind of intimidating (the mere thought of bumping into Anna Wintour completely scares me), yet totally alluring at the same time. So come Saturday. when this beauty babe is about to rub elbows with the fashion gods, what’s a... CONTINUE READING 4

7 Weird Fashion Trends We're Totally Digging

As we know, fashion can be extremely daring, especially on the runway, but this season we're seeing seriously outright weird trends—and surprisingly, we're totally diggin' them! From caviar nails to no-heel high heels to metallic clothing, designers went no-holds-barred this season as they stretched the limits of style. So whether you're strutting your stuff down the street on the way... CONTINUE READING 13

Hollywood Break-Ups That Broke Our Hearts

Hollywood’s a fickle place and no where do you see that more than the ever-changing world of celebrity marriages. One minute you’re married and the next, you’re left with nothing but a hefty lump sum. And while we’re used to Speedy Gonzales splits from the likes of Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears, there are times when a couple breaks up... CONTINUE READING 11

Parting Ways: Get the Best Part for Your Face

Who knew something as simple as where you part your hair could totally change your look? Well, it's true and we've got tips from the pros on which types of parts look best on which face shapes! Part-on us for making you look your prettiest.... The DEEP SIDE The deep side part goes a long way on style and sex appeal.... CONTINUE READING 14

Celeb Makeup that us Regular Girls Can Do

Okay, I’ll be honest...I’m not the best at following celebrity makeup trends. Because I’m a blogger, I usually get inspiration from fellow bloggers and beauty look books from my favorite brands and stores. But every now and then, I come across an article about a celebrity’s makeup look and I go wild. Take these fabulous ladies for example. Kim Kardashian’s dramatic... CONTINUE READING 24

5 Must-Know Shoe Brands

When building a shoe collection or wardrobe, incorporating quality pieces by trusted brands is very important. If you simply adore shoes, here are five can't-live-without-'em footwear brands that you absolutely must know about. Kandee Shoes Raspberry Slushy ($279) Kandee Shoes burst onto the scene with heels that are high, sexy, sparkly and a shoe-lover’s dream. In fact, they're calling Founder Josh Wayman... CONTINUE READING 23

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