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40's Feature

by Courtney Leiva The idea of turning 40 might be a little scary, so if you find yourself dreading the approaching date, let us give you some encouragement with the help of fabulous 40-somethings who know a thing or two on appreciating this usually dreaded age. From newfound confidence to improved body image, check out some amazing things to look forward... CONTINUE READING 1

8 Low CalorieFeature

by Megan Greene Everyone deserves a nice cocktail every now and then, right? Unfortunately, most of  our favorite alcoholic beverages aren't too kind to our waistline. So, that's why we're sharing a few cocktails that'll make your happy hour a little bit healthier. Check out our list of  the best 8 low-calorie cocktail recipes that are all tasty and less than 200 calories. Bourbon Grape... CONTINUE READING 6

5 Worries Feature

by Megan Greene As the years go by, you can find yourself in your mid-thirties with more worries than you desire. Getting older can seem dreadful but it's actually not as bad as you think and sometimes things only get better with age. Here is a list of what we've noticed the top 5 worries women have after turning 30. So,... CONTINUE READING 8


by Megan Greene Yes, your cycle comes every month but this doesn't mean you'll ever get used to the pain of menstrual cramps. From heating pads, to taking Midol, or hot baths we think you can agree that every woman would try anything if they knew it would sooth their menstrual aches. So, if you suffer from excruciating menstrual cramps we... CONTINUE READING 11


by Megan Greene So, we're sure this may be an awkward topic for some but we're sure it's something every woman needs the answer to. If you've been suffering from more discharge in your underwear than the norm Shecky's has decided to share a few secrets. Now, discharge is a completely normal natural lubricant that helps clean your vagina and fight off... CONTINUE READING 11

B2School feature

by Courtney Leiva As our loved ones are preparing to go back to class, help them stay focused and nourished with some added snacks when they need extra fuel fast. Yes it may be tempting to pack those grab-and-go snack packs at the store, but high levels of sodium and sugar may help it from being food actually worth consuming. For... CONTINUE READING 3

Coconut-Oil-Beauty-Benefits Feat

By Tarin Elise Schneider Want to have whiter teeth and better breath? Want to look like you’re glowing with flawless skin? What if instead of going out and spending obscene amounts this season on beauty products, all you had to do was buy one miracle jar of an end all cure all substance? We don’t know many things that end all... CONTINUE READING 13

The Best Natural Cleanses For The Body

By Courtney Leiva It’s mucho important to take care of your body, your mental and spiritual health. Some people go to gyms or push it to the limit with whatever fitness video torture has dished up. Some go to their local yoga haus or to spin classes. And some go on long walks or moderate their intake. But sometimes, even when... CONTINUE READING 21


by Bianca Logrono Now that we’ve got your attention, don’t mistaken us for Maria Kang. We’re not body shaming women who aren’t in tip-top shape or those who fall/don’t fall under the “healthy weight” range.  But this might be a wake-up call. Defining that loving your body and owning it, isn’t truly loving yourself if you aren’t conducting a healthy lifestyle.... CONTINUE READING 21


There are those few, rare specimens who can just wake up at 6am to go for a pre-work run and have a genuine smile on their face. But the general population would actually do anything to stay an extra ten minutes in bed. If the snooze button is your best friend, and you look somewhat like grumpy cat when you... CONTINUE READING 5