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by Cass Daubenspeck How many times have you thought having more time or more money would make you happier? Until you got it, and then it didn’t? We tend to think if we had more time to do the things we loved, or that if we had more money, we could fill the void in our lives and lead a fuller, richer... CONTINUE READING 5

The Best Relationship Advice

Every time we're in a couple, relationship advice comes at us like a wild-eyed, drunken old grandfather whom everyone is fond of, but no one's ever quite prepared for. That is to say, it doesn't always show up announced, and we don't always ask for it. So we got curious: what's the best relationship advice of all time? Cuz how's a... CONTINUE READING 12

How to Make Him Happy

Jenn Flaa, author of The Happiness Handbook, knows a thing or two about joy. She went from being a chubby, miserable divorcee who owned a high tech company that was barely hanging on, to a successful CEO and lead singer in a rock band. When it comes to happiness, she says, making your man happy, your boss happy, and... CONTINUE READING 2

Inspirational Site We Love:

Sure, is your source for Girl Talk and we know that the articles on our site inspire you, but where should you turn if you want exclusive advice and interviews from powerful CEOs, motivational speakers and more in the realms of everything from media to charitable organizations? Welcome to Claudia's Chan's brand-new website,, which appropriately launched last week—just... CONTINUE READING 11

Be Thankful for Your "Lucky Charms"

We might not be Irish, but we love St. Patrick’s Day! Green bagels and beers aside, we love it because it's a fabulous reminder for us to count all of our lucky charms. And considering the chaotic state of the world right now, do we ever feel lucky! We are lucky because we have the privilege of helping wonderful women triumph... CONTINUE READING 7

Reduce Clutter That’s Draining Your Spirit

I love the feeling that spring is right around the corner. I'm a huge fan of of spring-cleaning, both for our physical environments and for our spirits. It's a time of renewal, reflection, and releasing blocks that have been holding us back from sharing our gifts. It's time to open up and let the fresh air in, do some sweeping,... CONTINUE READING 11

Best Gifts to Get Over a Break-Up

Have you recently had your heart shattered into a million pieces? Has the amorous spirit of this month really taken a toll on your single self? Or, perhaps you have a pal who's been dumped and needs a pick-me-up? Nothing says happiness like having fun with the things that once made you sad. Instead of sulking in your sorrows, it's... CONTINUE READING 27

Crazy Stuff We've Done After a Break-Up

Why, why do break-ups always happen right around the major winter holidays or Valentine’s Day? As a comfort to those of you who were dumped recently, and those who have been broken up with ever (um, hey, everyone?!), we’d like to present some of the craziest stuff we’ve ever done after a break-up. We’re sure you’ll find yourself a bit more,... CONTINUE READING 20

The Best Opportunities Arrive Incognito as Endings

Happy Sunday! We’re introducing our bi-weekly series of inspiring posters from best-selling author Karen Salmansohn to get you through your week. Karen brings fun nuggets of self-help advice on her blog daily (or more than daily!) on We've all heard the '90s song "Closing Time" and the lyrics "Closing Time / Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." Sure, it... CONTINUE READING 8

Crazy-Busy? Doable Ways to Slow Down

Ever feel like you’re trying to be Superwoman? CEO of the Universe? You may need to seriously consider becoming less busy so you can make time for your life, and for the people in your life who matter. Believe it or not, by slowing down and doing less, you can actually be more productive. You’ll also be less stressed out, healthier,... CONTINUE READING 11