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Suddenly, all those vodka sodas and PBRs you drank last night turned out to be a bigger mistake than that One Direction tattoo you got during spring break. But luckily for you, a hangover can be cured. Check out these list of tips below that we have acquired through extensive research and personal experience. -Allison Chase Pickle Juice Sounds disgusting, but extremely... CONTINUE READING 8

5 Beauty Tips To Hide That Hangover

A hangover is more than just a headache—it is also a beauty pain to your skin and face. After a long night of partying, you're likely looking and feeling less than your absolute best, so we enlisted some expert advice on how to hide that head-splitting hangover. Check out these five easy peasy tips to erase any evidence of last... CONTINUE READING 9

Beauty Rx: How to Bounce Back After a Long Night

You’ve done it again—after a super long night out, you’ve skimped on your much-needed beauty sleep only to wake up the next morning in mid-afternoon looking like you’ve aged twenty years and, to top it all off, you’ve got a splitting headache no amount of Gatorade will cure. A wild night out never did anyone any good the morning after,... CONTINUE READING 7

Get a Last-Minute Bikini Bod with Lüc Carl's The Drunk Diet

Summer's here—are you ready to show off a swimsuit-ready bod? Let’s face it, when we’re at a summer party or out with the girls on a Friday night, the last thing you’re thinking about while ordering a Mojito at your favorite hot spot is cutting the carbs, right? Well we've talked with one guy who’s not only an expert on nightlife,... CONTINUE READING 9

Survive All-Day Drinking on St. Patrick’s

A St. Paddy’s Day drinker’s worst fear this Saturday? Peaking at 2pm and missing out on the after-dark debauchery your friends will definitely stumble into. Don’t fret, there are ways to avoid double vision and a green face by mid-afternoon. Best part? These tricks fit right in your purse for easy access throughout the biggest drinking day of the year.... CONTINUE READING 7


Frigid temperatures that make you want to stay inside. A way-low bank account after holiday and NYE spending. Feeling so tired that you want to sleep for 15 hours straight. Sound like you? Invite your girls over for a low-budget girls night in, but put a grown-up spin on old-school stuff like MASH, pillow fights and even a.m. pancakes. After... CONTINUE READING 25


If you lost count of how many drinks you had last night at the fifth vodka tonic, chances are you’re waking up with a killer headache today. But a day hungover doesn’t have to be a day wasted. Make the first waking hours of 2012 productive ones with activities that you can easily do running on only four hours of... CONTINUE READING 6


The perfect statement clutch doesn't always have the right amount of space for all of the essentials. Is it possible to fit flats, a New Year's crown, an eyelash curler and your iPhone in one chic bag? Probably not. But you can pack a few emergency items for New Year's Eve (or the next morning) in even the tiniest bag... CONTINUE READING 10

The Best Breakfast in Bed

I’m one of those people who hates getting out of bed, even on the weekends. But there is one thing more enticing than staying in my fluffy comforter all day—getting served breakfast while I’m there! Surprise your sweetheart with one of these dishes or email your s.o. this link and hint away. -Cait Rohan Realize your childhood dreams and eat cake for... CONTINUE READING 9


Happy November, Shecksters! After a Halloween weekend, we predict that this Monday will be a slow one (wah wah wah), and we don’t know about you, but we could desperately use a break…ASAP! Last week, Gina told us that when she needs to de-stress on a Monday (or any day), she plays solitaire. While we won’t appreciate getting blamed for playing... CONTINUE READING 21

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