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6 Hair Trends Feature

by Courtney Leiva As the fall season rapidly approaches, smoking hot fall beauty trends are finally coming into play. And when it comes to what’s hot in hair, unlike the carefree and playful looks of summer, the freshest fall looks are often deep and dramatic. So, whether you crave something bold, dramatic (hello haircolor!) or undeniably cutting edge, let us help... CONTINUE READING 5

Celeb Makeovers of The Year

To our shock and awe, a slew of celebs drastically switched up their styles this year, from Anne Hathaway’s statement-making pixie cut for Les Mis, to TaySwift’s more grown-up sleek fringed style, to Lady Gaga and Ke$ha’s dramatic make-unders (they almost look normal….almost). New Year’s is the perfect time to unveil a brand new look, so take some ballsy beauty... CONTINUE READING 16

5 Beauty Trends We Loved in 12

Another year almost gone and another array of fab and drab beauty trends to look back on. This year saw a plethora of bold beauty looks, from wine-stained pouts to dip dyed dos, claw-like talon nails to super short cuts. Some 2012 beauty trends definitely have lasting power, from the uber popular topknot to retro revamps like the bold brow... CONTINUE READING 6

10 Best Medal-Worthy Olympic Beauty Looks (So Far!)

We know, we know, we're supposed to be paying attention to the awe-inspiring athletic feats the Olympians have been accomplishing all week, but our beauty-obsessed brains can't get past the oh-so-cool braids, bold lips, patriotic nails and fabulous buns (mind out of the gutter people, we're talking hair!) that the athletes have been seen sporting throughout the games. Ryan Lochte's... CONTINUE READING 19

5 Sexy Bangs Styles for Summer

This season, fringe is in! And no, we don't mean the suede fringe and tassels that have been adorning your accessories—we mean forehead fringe. Bangs can add so much definition to a hairstyle and change your whole look. If that layered style you've had for a few years is getting old, spice it up with a quick cut. A lot of... CONTINUE READING 4

Make the Cut: Would You Dare Take the Pixie Plunge?

Summertime usually means skirt hems start getting shorter, but now hairstyles are going short too! Sure, some women may be afraid of the short cut—it can be a pretty risky move considering that some of us have been growing out our precious locks since birth, but for those who aren't afraid of drastic moves and are open to a little... CONTINUE READING 7

Best Celeb Breakovers: Show Him What He's Missing!

What’s the best revenge following a bad breakup? To give yourself a makeover that will leave you looking so smokin', he will be damn sorry he broke up with your fine self! Celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway and Katy Perry have bounced back from publicly bad breakups looking more fabulous than ever. With fitter bods, stylish new... CONTINUE READING 19

10 Celeb-Inspired Hairstyles to Try This Spring

You'll see celebs walk the red carpet at tonight's Oscars with intricate updos. But what about hairstyles that could update your daily look? See 10 celebs sporting 10 springy hairstyles and tips from the pros on how to get each look! RACHEL MCADAMS Celeb Hairstylist Andi Scarbrough says: Three words: EASY SEXY HAIR. Pay attention—this look can have you looking hotter... CONTINUE READING 11

How-tos for Best Golden Globe Hairdos

Awards shows always garner "oohs" and "aahs" from picture-perfect dresses, but what about the hairdos that celebs sport? We think these ladies deserve a trophy for their marvelous manes. Best part is, celeb stylist Natasha Sunshine has the scoop with how-tos to get the looks at home! Best: Updo Maria Menounos gave a beautifully modern spin to a classic—the updo. To get the look,... CONTINUE READING 17

Hints for Healthy Winter Hair

Brr! We may have just gone through a warm spell here on the East coast, but truth is that temps will be droppin' low and staying there soon, rendering our once voluminous locks limp, lifeless and staticky. Combat the winter hair woes before they start with these tips from a pro, PLUS watch our BeautyBreak video to see our fave... CONTINUE READING 7

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