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by Megan Greene Trust us, when it comes to hair coloring, you want to make sure you have the best and safe coloring products.  Many women dye their hair as the seasons change.  Now that Fall is officially here, we're sure you're thinking of switching to a new hair color too.  After a little research, check out what we consider the best organic hair dyes that... CONTINUE READING 10


By Courtney Leiva Although Fall is well on it’s way, September often proves to be a complicated month as humidity and unexpected heat waves haven’t completely run their course.To keep your hair well-prepared for those oh-so-unpredictable days, we’ve discovered eleven shielding products to ward off flyaways, static and unwanted poofiness fast. Whether it’s pouring buckets, or feels like a day hotter... CONTINUE READING 8


by Megan Greene The purpose of chopping off your hair and rocking a new chic haircut is often times in hopes to reveal a unique and inner fierceness inside of you, right? Okay, so why haven't you faced your fears and completed The Big Chop? Every year, we women go through our transitioning phase, right? You know, the "I want a... CONTINUE READING 7


by Bianca Logrono Hair so straight, you can’t volumize? Kinks so tight they can’t be tamed? Curls so crazy you wanna cry? Waves so frizzy you’re “gonna die”? No matter what the hair type, we’ve all got hair issues we’re working with. As we all know, finding the perfect product for any particular hair type can be exhausting. It can take... CONTINUE READING 16


by Dominique Fernandez Imagine this: you're getting married, and the morning of your wedding, you wake up with really, really bad hair. In fact, it's so bad that you need special treatment. Or imagine you're a bridesmaid and just got your hair done for the wedding, yet you happen to walk by a smelly place that... CONTINUE READING 3


From proper salon behavior (“when you show up late, you compromise your cut”) to the amazing pill that’s supposed to eliminate graying, Oprah’s all about hair in the September issue of O! We are loving her on the cover, looking like the queen diva in her blown out afro that looks like it weighs about 60 pounds, a massive ‘do... CONTINUE READING 10

5 Foolproof Ways To Beat Hat Hair

One of the downsides of the dropping temperature is the number of layers we have to add to our bodies. If the twenty added pounds of clothing isn’t bad enough, your hair can look like you’ve just walked through a wind tunnel because of that itchy wool hat that has your strands all bunched up underneath. Want to nix those... CONTINUE READING 9

So You’re Now Blonde...Now What?

From Demi Lovato to Miley Cyrus, it seems like everyone in Hollywood lately is going blonde! If you are considering making the blonde plunge but don’t know where to start, we’ve turned to the most talented stylists at the hottest salons to help us map out the ultimate blonding guide. Don’t necessarily want to be platinum? No worries! Whether it’s... CONTINUE READING 4

Best Pop Star Beauty Looks of the Year

The MTV Video Music Awards kick off tonight with many stylish starlets turning it out on the red carpet and taking center stage to accept their well-deserved awards, and to celebrate, we’re giving out our own awards, highlighting the best beauty looks from our favorite pop stars this year. 2012 was an exciting year for these lovely ladies, many totally... CONTINUE READING 13

Extensions, Faux Pieces & Clip-Ons, Oh My!

Yes, we’ve all craved that unrealistic flawless fairytale hair at some point or another, so when reality fails to live up to your dream ‘do, why not fake it? Sure, hair extensions might sound a bit cliché thanks to “The Real Housewives” series and of course the “Jersey Shore,” but this fall, turn around your perception of faux hair with... CONTINUE READING 6