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Beauty Steal: J. Lo's Best Makeup & Hair Looks

One of our favorite red carpet regulars, Jennifer Lopez celebrated the big 4-3 this week, and while talk of Mariah Carey's replacing Lopez as a judge on "American Idol" might have overshadowed the "Dance Again" diva's birthday, we decided to celebrate J. Lo's special day by highlighting some of her best beauty looks from over the years. With help from... CONTINUE READING 1

10 Beach Essentials You Need To Toss In Your Tote

Headed to the shore this summer? If so, you're going to need to have your beach bag stocked and ready with these must-haves for your day of sun, sand and surf, from sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays to colorful shades to match your new swimsuit to even speakers so you can blast your go-to summer jam on the... CONTINUE READING 8

Hair Like Our Fave March Magazine Covers

Wish you could look like those done-up, perfectly coiffed celebs you see on magazine covers? Now you can. You, yes even you drooling at that Adele picture, standing in the supermarket line in a sloppy topknot and sweatpants, can achieve celeb-status strands. Here's the easy advice from a pro! Rebecca is rocking undone sexy waves, and you can achieve this spring/summer... CONTINUE READING 8

Red-Carpet Hairstyles to Take Down the Aisle

With all the time brides spend trying to find the perfect dress, venue and flower arrangement, don't let your hair fall to last on the to-do list. Since it’s your big day, you obviously need to shine like the star you are! The red carpet (where haute hair is a prereq) is the perfect place to turn for stunning styles... CONTINUE READING 14

Va-Va Voluminous Hair for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and while you might’ve been hearing ad naseum about what to wear and where to go, do you know how you’ll style your strands yet? You’ll want sexy, voluminous tresses whether you’re rockin’ it single or have been with the hubby for 25+ years. Shecky’s asked New York City stylist Angelo David... CONTINUE READING 6

Get Great Hair Between Washes

Do you have a dirty little hair secret? If you skip washes a few times a week, don't hide your questionable locks under the same old hat. No one will notice that your roots are getting a little greasy with these super-easy styling tips for sprucing up hair between shampoos! HIDE OILY HAIR: There are so many great dry shampoos available.... CONTINUE READING 11

How-tos for Best Golden Globe Hairdos

Awards shows always garner "oohs" and "aahs" from picture-perfect dresses, but what about the hairdos that celebs sport? We think these ladies deserve a trophy for their marvelous manes. Best part is, celeb stylist Natasha Sunshine has the scoop with how-tos to get the looks at home! Best: Updo Maria Menounos gave a beautifully modern spin to a classic—the updo. To get the look,... CONTINUE READING 17

Tips for Winterizing Your Hair

Static cling, dull finish, split ends and breakage are all signs that your hair is suffering the effects of Old Man Winter. While moisture is important all year round, it's especially key during the winter months. Don't just take our word for it, though. We’ve consulted three celebrity stylists to gets tips and product recommendations in order to keep your... CONTINUE READING 7

Hair-Care Tips for Holiday Travel

Whether you're off to paradise escaping the cold weather or going home to visit the relatives, your holiday travel logistics should still include hair care. Here are a few tips from one of our fave celeb stylists.... 1. Both hot and cold weather can make your hair frizzy and dry. Pack hair-care essentials like a great frizz-fighting formula (such as Angelo... CONTINUE READING 5

5 Celeb Guys I’d Love to Make Over

Shecky’s may be the GIRLfriend brand, but there are some celebriguys out there that are just screaming for a makeover. See five famous fellas I want to make over and which winners of our 2011 Beauty at Its Best Awards I’d use to do it! -Cait Rohan This maybe-baby-daddy certainly doesn’t look old enough to father a child, what with his flyaway... CONTINUE READING 19

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