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After yet another horrid single holiday season of showing up solo to festive fetes and smooching the wrong guys under the mistletoe, we’re definitely ready to revamp our dating life for the new year. If your 2012 was riddled with bad dates, bogus guys or one too many spinster nights spent home sobbing to Love Actually for the millionth... CONTINUE READING 16

A Few Things Kim Kardashian Should Have Considered

Kim, Kim, Kim! K’mon now. But no matter how mind-boggling a 72-day marriage FAIL may seem, and as much as we want to smack them as “media whores who did it all for the money and attention” there are a few real questions I have for Kim that she should have considered before she got married, then promptly divorced. How did... CONTINUE READING 46

Steve Ward from VH1 Tough Love Miami Answers Our Questions: Part 3

Steve Ward from VH1 Tough Love is giving us the scoop on relationships and men, and telling us if we should "date or ditch" our dudes. Do men prefer take-charge women, or easy-going girls? A. It really depends on the guy…usually a take-charge guy is going to like a take-charge woman and same with easy-going. But, if you are REALLY extreme take-charge or easy-going…you will likely go with the opposite. Is it really... CONTINUE READING 9

Dating a Guy from the Other Side of the Tracks

We like to think we live in a classless society, but the harsh truth is that class divides still remain. And nowhere can this be a bigger issue than in our dating lives, where intimate topics like lifestyle and finances can sometimes make or break a relationship. I realized I had been dating within my class when I started seeing my... CONTINUE READING 16

10 Signs He's a High-Maintenance Boyfriend

We all have those girlfriends who can be a little too high-maintenance, but sadly this disease is spreadin’ to the fellas, too! Maybe there’s just something in that bubbly, imported French water, but it seems like the metro-man was bit by a radioactive spider and has mutated into a more obnoxious version of his former self. So to help you... CONTINUE READING 20

Lessons Learned from a Break-Up

Our exes (and ex-relationships) are our greatest teachers. They provide us with the most important lessons when it comes to love. It’s up to us to learn these lessons once and for all so we don’t have to repeat them time and time again. We feel break-ups are a time where we not only learn the lessons that are provided... CONTINUE READING 31

6 Graphic Tees that Will Scare Any Guy Away

Graphic tees can be fun (and comfortable) to wear, but there is a point when the message you're sending on the clothes you're wearing can tell more about you then the public needs to know. Here are six graphic tees whose messages could scare any guy away.  1. "Same shirt, different day" tee (Same Shirt Different Day Tee, $12.80 from Forever 21).... CONTINUE READING 27

Guys & Awkward Animal Obsessions

While guys who like animals may sound really adorable (we may or may not have once had a men with cute animals calendar here at Shecky's...), guys obsessed with animals somehow goes from cute to creepy...real fast. Hear some of our Staffers' stories about guys in their lives who are a little bit too into animals. “I'm majorly obsessed with dogs... CONTINUE READING 44

Why Are Guys So Obsessed with Threesomes?

QUESTION: Sent via our form: Why are guys so obsessed with threesomes? My man always talks about two-girls, one-guy action and all of my girlfriends say their significant others do too. Why?! ANSWERS: Mr. Loverboy Rocker SEE BIO NOW> How could the thought of two gorgeous women selflessly giving themselves to me not be appealing? This situation is so coveted since it picks at the foundation of how... CONTINUE READING 52

Manscaping: Yay or Nay?

A recent Cosmo article discussed the popular male trend of manscaping. That is, a man grooming (ex.: backs, chests, butts and the lower frontal regions). Yep, a recent poll conducted by Cosmo in conjunction with revealed that 95% of men admitted to manscaping! The article goes on to say that in an age of ever-evolving acceptance and the introduction... CONTINUE READING 77