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10 Great Gift Ideas For Your Manly Man

Oh yes, it's time to talk about one of the most notoriously hard-to-shop-for species: the male. Your mom, your sister, your best girlfriends—all of those are a mere cakewalk during gift-buying season compared to the sheer panic that is buying your boyfriend the perfect present. To help you take on mission impossible, we've enlisted gift-giver extraordinaire Dana Holmes from CONTINUE READING 16

How to Host a Perfect Pop-Up Dinner Party

What better way to bid farewell to this fabulous summer than by throwing your very own pop-up dinner party? Pop-up restaurants have been, well, popping up all over cities like Portland’s Cruz, San Fran’s FoodLab and Brighton in Manhattan, with famous toques temporarily taking over a space for a night here, a week there, to create a spontaneous dinner party... CONTINUE READING 18

The Girls' Guide To Grilling

The feel-good, fabulous, firework-heavy holiday is finally here—hello, July 4th! With Independence Day primarily being celebrated outside soaking up the sun, it's only natural that we start prepping our ‘cue menu. But who said grillin’ was just for guys? We put together five must-know tips for our girly grillers to ensure that your barbecue turns out just as fabulous as... CONTINUE READING 14

Father's Day Gift Guide: Cool Gift Ideas for Dad

Instead of getting dad a tie for the fifth year in a row this Father’s Day, why not get him something a little more off the beaten path but still seriously awesome and special? From talking grill thermometers for when he’s manning the ‘cue to golf club cooler caddies for summer days spent at the 18th hole, here are a... CONTINUE READING 10

Hamburger Helper: Build a Better Burger

Fire up the 'cue because grilling season is here again! Memorial Day weekend will be brimming with backyard barbecues and one dish that will surely be on everyone's grill menu is that summertime staple, the burger. Think it can’t get much better than the classic meat-cheese-bread combo? Well think again, because we're bringing you a slew of scrumptious, savory burgers... CONTINUE READING 11

Elegant Affairs’ Scallop & Bacon Kabobs

We don't know about you, but we think everything's better with a bit of bacon. We love how this recipe combines summery seafood (scallops!) with bacon, peppers and mustard, and odd-but-tasty add-ins like orange juice, maple syrup and dill. Sounds a little strange, but the end result is amazingly scrumptious. Definitely a great departure from the typical chicken and beef skewers!... CONTINUE READING 23

A Chimichurri Sauce Full of Flavor

We've said it once (or twice, or three times...) and we'll say it again: the summer is for grilling! And no matter what you're throwing on the grill, a delicious Argentinian sauce chock full of herbs and spices is an essential accoutrement to serve. The bright green color of this tasty sauce will look beautiful on your tablescape full of... CONTINUE READING 9

Great Grilled Vegetable Ideas

'Tis the season to be grilling, and while we've already clued you in to this summer's BBQ essentials and some stellar steak recipes, iVillage has compiled a list of grilled vegetable recipes to make sure your side dishes are just as sumptuous and satisfying as your main courses. Yep, it's time to banish the notion that only peppers and onions can be... CONTINUE READING 10

Perfect Fourth of July Steaks

Summer (specifically the Fourth of July!) is the perfect time for grilling and chilling, and while it’d be super easy to focus all of your grilling attention on burgers and dogs today, we’re coming at you with some grilled steak recipes, ideal for the warmer temps...especially any potential barbecues you might be hosting today/this evening! Bold marinades, refreshing salads and... CONTINUE READING 11

Celebrate Summer with Red-Hot Grilling Recipes

Summer is officially here and it’s time to get hot with just about everything! So, spice up standard summer fare this BBQ season with grill-ready recipes that are smokin’ and spicy. See our fave red-hot mains, sides and desserts! -Cait Rohan Are you a true fan of spicy fare? I’d like to dub’s Dragon’s Breath Grilled Salmon a “spicy challenge” for its... CONTINUE READING 13