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By Bianca Logrono We all have beauty habits. Some work, some are age-old, some are pretty terrible, and some are awesome. But are any of them healthy? Possibly. Your skin and hair are a result of your everyday beauty routine. Here are some healthy beauty habits you might want to pick up on. Use Coconut Oil Run to your nearest organic food store... CONTINUE READING 15

Fightin' Foods: 10 Cancer-Battling Bites

There may not be a cure for breast cancer just yet, but there are a slew of super foods that you can add to your daily diet not only to promote general good health but also as an easy way of reducing your risk of cancer. Foods rich in vitamins, omega-3s, fiber and certain acids can be your best ammunition... CONTINUE READING 21

Experts Share Their Summer Beauty Must-Haves

Maybe it’s that Great Lash mascara with the slightly faded green cap or it’s the "seen better days but I can’t just get rid of" Chapstick that fits nice and snug inside your summer shorts. Whatever the product, you've got summertime favorites and so do our favorite beauty gurus! Rounding together some of the best beauty, style and entertainment... CONTINUE READING 3

Green Beauty for St. Paddy's & After

I’m not Irish but I’ve always been one of those people who wears green on St. Patrick’s Day—and it isn’t always something as obvious as a green shirt—but green nail polish or eyeshadow? Absolutely! You don’t need a reason to play around with green cosmetics and accessories but because we’re all so into the “St. Paddy’s Day” spirit, we’re going... CONTINUE READING 8


New Year’s Eve was a blast, but you can probably see the by-products of all that fun just by looking at your hair, face, thighs…. Yes, holiday burnout and weight gain have come to haunt us again now that a new year is here. Feel like you need a serious beauty detox? Make buying these Beauty at Its Best-winning products... CONTINUE READING 12

Ultimate Relaxation: Tea Time

Ever since the marriage of Wills and Kate, tea has been trendier than a hipster in tight jeans. And even though the temps may be high, there's no, er, cooling off for this hot commodity. A warm refreshing tea is perfect to help you relax during those lazy summer days...and it's nice and healthy to boot! Still not sold? Brew a... CONTINUE READING 39

6 Yummy Summer Smoothies

Some people enjoy smoothies as a breakfast on the go, while others use them for an afternoon snack or after-workout pick me up. They are not only delicious, but are often packed with nutrients, vitamins and more. Need more protein in your diet or trying to get in shape? Add a scoop of your favorite whey protein powder to give... CONTINUE READING 19

5 Ways to Treat Your Sunburn, Fast

Summer brings with it sunshine and more time spent outdoors, but everyone—whether pale-skinned and sun-shy or darker-complexioned and sun-worshipping—has fallen victim to a sunburn. The red, lobstery look isn’t just ugly, it’s also uncomfortable and seriously hazardous to your health. Here’s how to handle a sunburn after the fact (I know you’ll be more careful next time, right?). -Cait Rohan Aside from... CONTINUE READING 49

Beauty at Its Best Preview: Revamp Your Beauty Routine

As we continue to celebrate Shecky’s 10th Birthday with special deals and more, we’re continuing to gear up for a bash of a different kind: our 2011 Beauty at Its Best Awards. In honor of the awards, we’re treating you to 10 beauty discoveries twice a week! (NOTE: the products below are not winners; winners for the 2011 awards will be announced... CONTINUE READING 22


Last week, Erika Brooks told us that sometimes Starbucks is all she needs to get through a crazy work day, so we asked all of our Staffers what their drink of choice is to beat the Monday blues. Check out our Monday must-haves and then tell us yours! WHAT OUR STAFFERS SAID: “Manhattan Special!! Super-sweet espresso coffee soda available in every... CONTINUE READING 14