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Best & Worst TV Boyfriends Ever

We're big TV watchers over here at Shecky's, and with the Emmys creeping up tonight (already? Where did summer go?!), we thought what better way to celebrate than by giving out some awards of our own—namely, TV's best and worst boyfriends ever! From sweetie pies like "The Office's" Jim Halpert to Mr. Not Rights like that mad man Don Draper,... CONTINUE READING 10

Humor is HOT: Our Favorite Funny Fellas

On every lady’s dream man checklist, you’ll always find “good sense of humor” intermingled with “great head of hair” and “has a private jet.” Why? Because humor is H-O-T. Giving us the giggles is the best kind of aphrodisiac there is and these funny fellas are serving up that hot humor in spades. From sexy standbys like those SNL sirs... CONTINUE READING 10

She Picked Him?! Rom-Com Couplings We'd Redo

Does this ever happen to you: you’re watching a romantic comedy and come the big finale, that grand moment when the leading lady has to choose between two lads to live happily ever after with, you always end up screaming at the TV because you know that Rachel McAdams/ Reese Witherspoon/ Katherine Heigl is totally picking the wrong guy?!... CONTINUE READING 8

Pick-Up Lines: What’s Cheesy, Sleazy and Actually Cute

Getting picked up happens to every woman. You could be single, blatantly out with your boyfriend or have a wedding ring glittering on your finger—guys have no shame. Our Shecky's Staffers (kept anonymous to protect innocent victims) weighed in on some of the best (er, worst?) one-liners they've ever heard. Plus, we've added snappy comebacks that'll surprise your wannabe suitors... CONTINUE READING 22

Hilary Winston on First Dates, Text Message Break-Ups & More

You've already heard Hilary's success story (click here to hear about her book My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me and her career as a comedy writer), but she's also got some on-point insights into first dates, break-ups and what to look for in a guy. Hilary's dating experiences are too hysterical and real not to share, so take a... CONTINUE READING 14


Royal Wedding or not, everyone deserves their own Prince Charming. But, as we all know, the task of finding the one is daunting, and sometimes involves obstacles akin to fire-breathing dragons and kissing yucky amphibians. Marc Broussard, charming and adorable singer/songwriter whose new self-titled album comes out June 14, shares his three tips for making your dream prince a reality! At... CONTINUE READING 8

When Do Guys Think It’s “Time” to Move in Together?

QUESTION: Sent via our form: I read the Should You Live Together Before You Get Married? article, and I had a thought. When do GUYS think it’s appropriate to move in with a significant other? And how would you go about asking a guy to live with you…without freaking him out? ANSWERS: Mr. Loves Boys Too SEE BIO NOW> I moved in with my... CONTINUE READING 15

Why Do Men Date Crazy Women?

QUESTION: Natalie1985: Why do guys date crazy women? Not to be a traitor to my sex or anything, but I just don’t get it. I was always told that being hyper clingy, reading my boyfriend’s emails and berating him for not lavishing me with constant attention was a bad thing, yet several of my guy friends are in long-term relationships with women... CONTINUE READING 20

Spring Cleaning My Relationship

Okay, okay. I may be the same person who started off the year with a list of 10 things I was going to stop putting up with from guys, but here’s the thing—sometimes I am completely at fault for some of the fights, miscommunications and annoyances in couple's kingdom. Here are just a few ways I’m going to spring clean... CONTINUE READING 15

I Misread This First Date

I’m by no means a pro-dater, but as of late, I’ve definitely put myself out there more than ever before. One guy particularly stands out. We met, he texted me the next day to say it was nice meeting me, said that he’d like to see me again, and he called two days later to make a date. We went to a trendy... CONTINUE READING 11