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The dilemma, “Can men and women just be friends” (cough, When Harry Met Sally, cough) has plagued humankind since…forever. The question gets even more complicated when you contemplate if it’s okay to remain friends with your ex and how to pull it off. One Staffer shares her thoughts on two instances. Remaining friends with a guy you were friends with before... CONTINUE READING 55


Last week, I had horrendous chest pains. There I was, a healthy 23-year-old who thought I may or may not have been suffering a heart attack. While the pain was prominent, I still wanted to attend work, albeit my aches. It wasn't until both my mom and a doctor told me that the diagnosis (both physically and mentally) called for... CONTINUE READING 14


Halloween doesn’t get as much of a negative rep as other all-you-can-eat holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. But even though we’re adults, there’s still plenty of trick or treating candy to be had, plus we’ll be bolstering our bellies with tons of booze. From hard candies to chocolaty treats to witch beer is bad for you, we’ve got the scoop... CONTINUE READING 11


This weekend I was out and about with my girlfriends, when I met a guy who I talked to for the rest of the night. I'll be honest, if I'm instantly attracted to a guy, I may or may not start immediately daydreaming about potential vacations, child names, etc. Not in a creepy way, but in a, I can see... CONTINUE READING 32


Yes, we know  is romantic. But there’s something striking about fall—bright leaves, snuggling up to your significant other, crisper air.... I recently took my boyfriend pumpkin picking (he hadn’t been since kindergarten), and it was a super-cheesy but fun day. He got more into it than me, really focusing on which pumpkin he would take home ("This one has dents."... CONTINUE READING 24

Pumpkin Carving 101
October 19, 2010

I’m from Scotland, where the excitement of Halloween usually ends mid-teen. I have never tried to eat anything pumpkin, let alone carve one! But with a push from the editors, I ventured into the American world of pumpkin carving. If like me, the idea of potentially mutilating a bright, shiny pumpkin with a too-sharp knife scares you, here's my idiot's guide (me—not... CONTINUE READING 15


Cady Heron (played by Lindsay Lohan) said it right in Mean Girls, “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” And we’ve seen more and more “slutty” costumes crop up in recent years. Some things make sense: Sexy French Maid, Sexy Cop, Sexy Bunny,... CONTINUE READING 24


We know you've heard our embarrassing moments a million times, . Our winner this time around is Pamela. Read her hilarious story and submit YOURS in the comments below (each comment you post earns you 2 OMG Points!). "After a company holiday party, I drank too much, to say the least. I had been dating my then boyfriend, now husband, for... CONTINUE READING 11


After a very successful first post where , our panel is back to advise on another mysterious boy behavior. There were a lot of good questions asked, but we could only choose one. Remember—if we didn’t pick yours this go-round, submit it in the comments and we'll consider it for next time. Our next question comes from from Noelle Landis: “Um, why do you... CONTINUE READING 72


Ensuring you have a bra that fits and is stylish is essential. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re outfitting your most precious pair of assets—no matter your body type or situation. FOR CURVY LADIES: If you have a curvy frame, it’s best to choose a bra that gives you full support. But a functional brassire doesn’t have to mean frumpy.... CONTINUE READING 32